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General[edit | edit source]

  • Added more French and German translations.
  • The Ferengi Shuttle is no longer called the D'Kora in German.
  • Updated the Defera Invasion mission to Collect Cortical Arrays from Borg across the map.
    • It will now correctly remove all 50 of the required arrays from your inventory after turning it in.
  • Creating a Liberated Borg character will no longer result in character creation failing.
  • A Ferengi Energy Whip has been added to the Lobi Crystal shop.
    • The primary attack deals electrical damage.
    • Its secondary attack deals a smaller amount of damage and stuns the target.
    • The whip also has a chance to stun or knock back the target with any attack.
  • Players may no longer queue for STFs if they are in shuttles or other small craft.
  • Caitian characters can now use all M.A.C.O. Costume pieces.
  • Added some new hairstyle options for Caitians.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Increased the frequency of Colonial Renown assignments showing up.
  • Updated several Photonic Duty Officers from the Hamlet production to correct their departments.
  • Improved numerical rewards for Gorn Separatist assignments.
  • Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar 9/10 assignment has been made Uncommon rather than Rare, with * appropriately adjusted numerical rewards.
  • Resolved bad critical trait requirement for KDF Prisoner Exchange assignment.
  • Renamed an unfortunately-named Vulcan Astrometrics officer.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • All instances of the phrase "Inertial Dampeners" have been changed to "Inertial Dampers" in order to more closely reflect canon sources.
  • Control resistances gained from "Power Insulators," "Sensors" and "Inertial Dampers" have been reduced from 75% back to 50%.
  • "Subsystem Repair" no longer offers additional resistance to subsystem power drains.
    • This is what the "Power Insulators" skill is for.
  • Resistance to subsystem offline scales as a percentage of your remaining Crew, based on your Subsystem Repair skill.
    • You must keep your current Ready Crew % high in order to gain full benefit from your "Subsystem Repair" skill.
  • Reduced the Disable duration on all ranks of Photonic Shockwave.
    • Max skill in Subspace Decompiler would previously grant 3, 4, and 5 second disables.
    • This was reduced to 2, 3, and 4 seconds.
      • 1, 1.5 and 2 seconds with full resists via Inertial Dampeners.
  • Reduced Disable duration on all Tricobalt detonations. New values are approximately 75% of previous.
    • Note: Periodic Disable caused by Tricobalt Rifts are not affected by this change.
    • This Disable effect cannot be resisted, and will take effect as long as you remain within the rifts' radius.
  • Increased the pull on all ranks of Gravity Well.
    • Rank 3 was increased by 7.1%
    • Rank 2 was increased by 7.4%
    • Rank 1 was increased by 7.6%
    • Since this pull effect is applied periodically while within the radius of the Well's effects, this small change can have a profound effect.
    • The strength of Gravity Well's pull is greater the further you are from the epicenter.
      • This makes it relatively easy to escape the center, but almost impossible to completely escape without firing a skill to increase your speed, or your resistance to Repel.
    • The radius of this drop-off range was pulled slightly closer to the epicenter for all ranks, making the full force of the pull activate slightly closer than before.
      • The previous max was around .8km and it is now closer to .65km.
  • Resistance is now a little less futile versus Borg Tractor Beams.
    • Their speed dampening effect was previously unresistable by skill in Inertial Dampers; this has been resolved.
  • Hazard Emitters now properly cleanse Hazard debuffs from the target of the power, instead of the person using the ability.
    • Unless they use it on themself, obviously.
  • Reduced the duration of the Confuse Immunity granted on expiration of Scramble Sensors and Antimatter Spread from 30 seconds to 20seconds.
  • Jam Sensors updated:
    • The "Countermeasure" skill increases the amount of damage a target can take before the effect is removed.
      • The amount of benefit you can receive from this skill has been increased from 25% to 50%.
    • The "Sensors" skill grants resistance to this effect, and reduces the amount of damage you can take before the effect is removed from you.
  • The power drain ability of Siphon Drones, Jem'Hadar Dreadnoughts and Breen Fighters can now be resisted, but only half as effectively as typical energy drains.
  • The power drain ability of the Plasmonic Leech Console can now be resisted, but only half as effectively as typical energy drains.
  • Tricobalt Mines can no longer be used in social zones.
  • Any Carrier Pet Purchased in the Store can now be traded, unless that pet required ownership of a specific carrier.
  • Fighters no longer turn friendly to enemy players if their carrier gets more than 30km away.
  • New Blue/Rare Quality carrier pets are now available for Dilithium.
  • You must own a C-store Carrier in order to buy the pets that are associated with that Carrier.
    • For instance, you must own Orion Marauder to buy any quality Orion Marauding Force hangar pet.
  • Binding rules have changed for store carrier pets.
    • If it is a carrier pet associated with a C-Store carrier, it is always Bind on Pickup.
    • Only Green/Uncommon quality carrier pets that are not associated with a C-Sore carrier is Bind on Equip and Tradable.
    • All Rare carrier pets are Bind on Pickup.
  • Green/Uncommon quality carrier pets that are associated with C-Store carriers can always be bought/reclaimed for free from the carrier store
    • Blue/Rare quality still costs Dilithium.
  • All existing carrier pets are now considered Green/Uncommon, including those that come on C-store ships.
    • This did not affect their stats in any way.
  • Slaver carrier pets can now earn you EC and Commodities when they raid a ship.
    • They do not steal from a player in PvP.
    • Rare Slavers steal more.
  • Tuned Tachyon and Siphon Drones.
  • All Orion Carrier Pets no longer have a Max Equip limit, so you can now put two on a carrier with two hangar bays.
  • Siphon drones launched from Klingon carriers will now respond to Attack, Recall, and Escort orders.
  • Resolved some issues that could impact consistency of Escort commands.
  • Removed the shared cooldowns from the Ferengi D'Kora's Swarm Missile special ability.
    • This power should be able to be fired regardless of the cooldowns of other active projectile weapons, and will respect only its own internal cooldown timer.
  • The Ferengi Marauder Cadre and Ferengi Privateer Cadre can no longer be opened by players that are too low of level to have access to the Duty Officer System.
  • Increased the turn rate of the Fer'Jai Frigate carrier pet.
    • Its turn rate was very low and it was unable to bring its cannons and torpedoes to bear.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Fire All Torpedoes will now only fire torpedoes and will not fire mines.
  • Added bindable commands to fire both torpedoes and mines, fire torpedoes and phasers, and fire just mines.
  • The Standard Away Team selectors will now better reflect the behavior of the options.
  • Tray modes 1 and 2 in space are now 10 slots instead of 8 slots.
  • There is support for adding a second tray to the UI in space.
    • To enable the new tray, press escape and click "Rearrange", then click the "New" button on the Big Tray.
    • This new tray will be placed in the lower right corner of the screen, but may be moved by rearrange mode.
  • Icons for space pet items have been updated.
    • New icon styles have been added that distinguish between non-combat pets, consumable combat pets and carrier hangar pet items.
      • Carrier hangar pets use the preexisting style, but non-combat pets use a new background and angle that matches the style used for ground pet icons.

Known Issue[edit | edit source]

  • Opening the Options Menu and exiting causes your space powers tray to jump from your Personal Tray location to your Big Personal Tray location and vice versa.
    • Until this is resolved, the workaround is to press Escape twice to open and close your Options Menu.

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