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General[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the Event Calendar so there is no longer a gap in the middle of the day (PST).
  • Updated Mudd so that he will not blast his "I'm leaving" contact window over everyone.
  • Added Fleet Bank access on Starfleet Academy.
  • Added the ability to leave the bridge while on the Crew Deck of the Belfast bridge and Defiant interior.
  • Players who didn’t receive a Duty Officer token for Marauding Rank 4 should now be properly fixed up and granted one.
  • Resolved some graphics issues that caused skies to not display properly and planets to appear partially transparent.
  • Utopia Planitia was added as a template map in the Foundry.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved a text error on the display name of assignment "Provide Security Detail for Argrathi Envoy".
  • Improved "Recover Cache" repeatable reward from Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar assignment chain.
  • Winter assignments should no longer erroneously appear when it the event is not active.
  • A much larger variety of Ferengi Duty Officer images have been added to existing and new Ferengi Duty Officers.
  • Decreased the duration for ship interior consumable assembly assignments.
  • The repeatable Dominion fugitive assignment now correctly awards a Dominion fugitive on a critical success.
  • Security Officer contacts that will accept prisoner transfers and contraband turn-ins are now available on K7, Starbase 39, Deep Space 9, and Ganalda.
  • Added missing tier IV Marauding duty officer token.
  • The Engineer ship interior contact will now always show console and assembly assignments, even if you have not completed the lead-up assignments to these.
    • The reason for this is if you acquired the components through another venue - such as the Exchange - it was greying out and not letting you do the assignment.
  • Modified Damage Conotrol Engineer duty officer active roster power proc chance to increase the proc chance rather than decrease the cooldown more, since at higher quality ranks the cooldown was running up against the global cooldown value, especially when stacking multiple duty officers of this type.
  • Updated the "Changeling Spy" assignments to properly remove slotted "Changeling" from your roster.
  • Increased duration for "Tribble Bounty" assignment.
  • Updated assignment "Confiscate Contraband from Crew" so the success outcomes properly also gives Contraband commodity.
  • Resolved Diplomacy and Marauding assignment frequency being far too low.
  • Resolved Colonial chain assignment frequency being far too low.
  • Updated final link in Chef assignment chai and resolved other minor issues with the Chef chain.
  • Resolved issue with two of the Biomedical Development assignment chains not progressing as intended past the first assignment.
    • This resolves related display issues as well.
  • Bridge officer recruitment assignments no longer have specific sector map requirements.
    • Since these were moved to Personal assignments, the sector map requirements no longer make sense.
  • Resolved the rare Reassignment assignments at the Academies that allow you to turn in five rare duty officers for a random purple duty officer to have a chance to result in a ultra-rare handcrafted duty officer.
  • Increased stack size of standard devices such as hypos and batteries on ship interior contact assignments.
  • Resolved missing critical outcome reward for the third step of the Biomedical assignment chain involving Shapeshifting Lockets.
  • Updated level at which Personnel Officer assignments become available.
  • Improved numerical reward for some older Espionage assignments to bring them into an appropriate range.
  • Duty Officer assignments on different bridges are no longer the same in the same sectors.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • KDF Federation Minefield Fleet Action - Mission Overhaul:
    • This revamped Fleet Action is now specifically set to a maximum of 5 players and is no longer available via private queues.
    • In an effort to improve the fun and playability of this Fleet Action, several changes have been made to reduce and simplify objectives.
      • Stage 1 now only requires 10 transports to be rescued.
      • Stage 2 has been replaced with a new objective to repair 3 mining facilities guarded by a Federation task force.
      • Stage 3 has been replaced with the objective to defeat a Federation Dreadnaught blockading an orbital processing plant.
      • Previous stages to eliminate X number of ships have been removed.
      • Many of the random encounters wandering the map have been removed to provide more space between fights.
      • The environment of the system the fleet action takes place in has been updated with a new look.
      • Added ambient KDF patrol to represent the mission giver.
    • We expect the amount of time needed by a large group to complete this Fleet Action to have significantly been reduced by these changes. Enjoy!
  • There’s a new KDF-only mission: Alpha.
    • J’mpok offers this mission for KDF players who have reached level 34.
    • Qapla’!
  • Updated Fleet Action: KDF/FED "Romulan Temple"
    • Reduced spawns at the base of the Temple and added a new rally point respawn area.
    • Now after objective 1 is complete, players can click the Beam to Rally Point button to transport to the base of the temple and pick up shield generators.
    • This rally point button remains active during objective 2 and 3 to help players return to the fight quickly.
    • All prior respawn points have been removed in lieu of the rally point.
  • It is no longer possible to jump over the forcefield around the Isolinear Molecular Reconverters in Khitomer Accord.
  • Updated Defera Invasion so that doors in the city no longer turn to face players after they are successfully interacted with
  • The House Always Wins can now be successfully completed on ships without full interiors.
    • There is now a contact on these bridges that will allow the player to set trophies.
    • There are no trophies to display on these bridges, but changes will be reflected on other bridges and interiors should the player switch to a different one.
  • Adjusted placement of a nav point that was not flush to the hull in "Boldly They Rode."

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Combat Horta will now reliably attack their targets after reaching melee range.
  • Power Insulators should now more accurately resist against all forms of Shield Drain abilities.
  • Updated Space Pet AI:
    • Resolved an issue that was causing hitching for pets that were sent to attack a target more than 10 km distant.
    • Improved Intercept mode to allow fighters to target mines that haven't locked onto and started to follow a target yet.
    • They will now more reliably continue to attack while in combat.
    • Most space craft, like separated saucers, fighters, and Birds-of-Prey, will no longer fall behind while traveling at full impulse.
    • Birds-of-Prey launched from a carrier and set to Recall will cloak while following their carrier.
    • Changing friendly targets while in Escort mode should now properly cause all fighters to move to the new Escort target.
    • Intercept should now handle switching to small targets more cleanly.
  • Borg ships should no longer pitch and yaw inappropriately.
  • Ground Tetryon procs will now properly drain shields.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Removed the rename and change costume buttons in new Bridge Officer received popup in the tutorial.
  • The character class icon should now always display correctly on the Character Select screen.
  • Resolved numerous UI problems that could happen with stores and tailors.
  • Made the tabs of the duty officer window scroll to prevent the tab buttons from going beneath the Help and Close buttons.
  • Adjusted the Duty Officer filter combo button sizes to prevent the traits button from extending outside of the box in German.
  • Made the spent skill points box taller to prevent the maximums from appearing outside of the window.
  • Updated tabbing in UI rearrange mode so that it's possible to select other green rearrange boxes without being forced to move one.

Known Issue[edit | edit source]

  • Using Reverse Shield Polarity will prevent your ship from banking properly when turning.
    • This is purely a cosmetic issue and does not affect gameplay.
    • The fix for this will go to Holodeck with the next patch.

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