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General[edit | edit source]

  • Added many new French and German translations.
  • Updated the appearance for all loot drops.
    • The containers will now indicate rarity.
    • Also, they look really awesome.
  • Lowered the Energy Credit costs for tailoring for players, Bridge Officers, and ships.
  • Character creation will no longer fail when creating a character with a formal name that’s 20 characters long.
  • The D'deridex Defender will no longer spawn… for now.
  • Increased the timeout for accepting the Dilithium Mining minigame score.
  • Updated the title for Dimensional Warrior to remove the extraneous underscore.
  • Updated the 800-day Veteran Dilithium refiner contact:
    • At Starfleet Academy, the contact can no longer be killed by Feds.
    • Both Fed and KDF versions are visible to all players at all times.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Improved ship interior Duty Officer contact static assignment button behavior.
    • They should grey out now only when the assignment has started or is on cooldown.
  • Added buttons to Duty Officer interface under Department Heads that allow access to your own ship interior non-static assignments.
    • Note you will still need to go to your ship interior to do static assignments, such as making hypos, assembling consoles or turrets, or to invite friends to use your ship interior non-static assignments.
  • Cleaned up some text on some of the ship interior Duty Officer contacts.
  • Increased cooldowns on some sector Duty Officer recruitment assignments.
  • Reduced effectiveness of Shield Distribution Duty Officer active roster power shield heal by 25%.
  • Fixed some incorrect commendation experience rewards for "Provide Support" assignments in the DS9 region.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • The Borg Invasion of Defera has been updated!
  • Mining event updates:
    • You can now accept the mission directly from Isihl if you hail her from the event or the journal.
    • Also added Isihl to the interior of the airlock
    • Mission explainer on Isihl now tells you that you don't need a mining laser, that we do that for you automatically.
    • Added a practice minigame to the console by the Dilithium in the airlock.
    • Added minimum level info to mission, contact, and both event texts.
    • Added transwarp locations to asteroid mining mission.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented KDF characters from getting credit for mining some of the Dilithium locations.
    • The entrance to the mining location will now have only one button to enter.
    • Updated text to specify that the mission is once per day.
    • Disabled combat in the airlock of the dilithium mining asteroid area.
  • Updated "Boldly They Rode"
    • The mission should function with the new EV suits.
    • Tweaked how Jem'hadar ships target in final battle; they are now less likely to target players unless player attacks first.
    • Made shrouded Jem'hadar in Promenade all Ensign groups, instead of 2 Ensigns and 1 Lieutenant.
    • Corpses are now properly affected by Zero G.
  • Added the Azlesa Expanse exploration missions to the list of missions that will complete the KDF daily "We Need Breathing Room."
  • The Federation and Romulan Empire Defense missions now have a 20 hour cooldown.
    • This timer starts when the mission is started.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Space pet AI updates:
    • Pets that are following will now fly in formation.
    • Pets on attack mode will move into a wedge formation in front of the player until an enemy target is found.
    • Updated text descriptions of the carrier command powers so that they explain about the toggle functionality.
  • Updated Bird-of-Prey carrier AI so that Birds-of-Prey retreating under cloak will move at maximum throttle.
  • Hazard Emitters will now properly cleanse Hazard debuffs over the power's full duration, every .5 seconds
  • Theta Radiation clouds no longer stack their debuffs on targets unfortunate enough to get caught inside
  • Performed a balance pass on the following Space STF enemies:
    • Borg Cube, Borg Tactical Cube, Vila Battleship, Tethys Dreadnought, and all unique versions of these same critters.
      • Reduced their innate damage bonuses:
        • This will reduce their base damage by approximately 10% across the board.
        • This has a more obvious impact on high-damage abilities, like High Yield Plasma, and should not reflect much of a difference for their standard weaponry since they already possess a 10%-20% variance.
      • These ships no longer have the ability to Critically Hit:
        • This will keep these critters deadly, while removing many of the "one shot = one kill" abilities that have been reported.
    • Engineering Support Drone:
      • Resolved an issue that caused its Perception Bonus to not be properly applied.
      • Should now affect the entire team while the Drone is active.
  • Updated Beam - Fire at Will:
    • All ranks of this power should now be capable of missing their target, rather than having an artificial 100% accuracy.
    • The accuracy of this power should now properly inherit the modifiers of the user and target.
  • Updated Space Klingon Honor Guard - Two Piece Set Bonus
    • Doubled the magnitude of the Crew-based skill boosts.
  • Separated saucers should not constantly try to move around behind if the owner is rotating in place.
  • Field Generator Console mods can now be stacked.
    • As such their effectiveness has been reduced.
  • Mine and Torpedo Tactical Console mods have been fixed so they only affect Mines or Torpedoes.
    • They will no longer affect other abilities that happen to do Kinetic damage.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Changed the label of the button to access the department's assignments not say "Speak" but instead "Assignments".
  • It’s now possible to scroll through characters on the Character Select screen using the up and down arrow keys.
  • Resolved an issue that caused players to not have a team indicator on the mission tracker while in a PvP map.
  • Bridge Officers should always display the correct class icons in the Choose Your Away Team window.
  • The Request Reinforcements button will now only display when it’s a valid option for the player.
  • When discarding items with 0 value, the confirmation window will no longer report that the player will receive energy credits.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent item comparison tooltips from working correctly in space.
  • Rapidly clicking on the secondary attack as it exits cooldown will no longer cause the attack to misfire.
  • Polarize Hull will now display consistent stats in the skill information and power tray tooltip.

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