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General[edit | edit source]

  • Foundry contacts should once again be unkillable.
    • Foundry missions may need to be republished to see this change.
  • Foundry Character creation no longer fails if one changes the Species.
  • Can now zoom into larger ships as closely as previously able.
  • Space pets in should always obey collision with their parent ship.
  • Players cannot join queues when they are on maps joined via a queue.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Updated an assignment in "Children's Toys" assignment chain that was not properly dropping the powered up version of the alien artifact.
  • Updated some Cardassian civilian duty officers who were missing the Resolve trait.
  • Added yellow assignment chain text to Gamma Quadrant species colonial cooperation assignments.
  • Resolved slotting issue with "Minor Shortfall of Shapeshifting Lockets for Changeling Research" assignments.
  • Resolved slotting issue and adjust trait outcome distribution with "Attend Briefing at Facility 4028" assignment.
  • Updated "Marathon" assignment:
    • Resolved text issues and some slotting issues.
    • Made it appear in fewer sectors.
    • Increased the cooldown and increased the rewards.
  • Adjusted "Medical Support in Combat Zone" numerical rewards downwards.
  • Improved rewards for "Talent Show", "Martial Arts Demonstration" and "Local Festival" assignments.
  • Updated "Recover Repressed Memories":
    • Adjusted slotting to make it more logical.
    • Made Telepathic the requirement and moved Resolve to the outcome modifier component of the assignment.
  • Resolved some incorrectly low critical Dilithium rewards for a few assignments, including the "Negotiate Rare Commodities" assignment that begins the "Children's Toys" Mk XII console assignment chain.
  • Improved numerical rewards for "Wilderness Survival" assignment.
  • Added the Shroud trait to all Tosk Duty Officers.
  • Added the Honorable and Resolve traits to all Hunter Duty Officers.
  • DS9 Conn Duty Officers should now have the proper ranks for their powers.
  • Added in some missing Bajoran Duty Officer Conn variants.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Boldly They Rode updates:
    • Adjusted a nav point's placement vis-a-vis the geo.
    • Added some extra nav points for various zero-G points so that players are less likely to become trapped.
    • Moved Ops respawn for Kar'ukan ground battle so team members shouldn't spawn into walls.
    • Made turrets in cutscene less likely to shoot at nav points.
  • All warzone missions now have a 30 minute from start time cooldown.
  • Added another waypoint for one of the hostages in Hunting the Hunters.
  • Updated Join Omega Force: Players are now given a reward pack that they have to manually open to get the requisition.
  • If a mission has been completed as a primary it should always be available for replay.
    • This should prevent issues where missions like Cold Call can’t be replayed.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Repaired some High Yield Plasma torpedoes that were not applying DoTs to the target properly.
  • Jem'Hadar Space Set will no longer improperly trigger a Brace For Impact power effect.
    • This will disable the unintended synergy with Shield Distribution Duty Officers which was leading to ridiculous amounts of passive Shield Healing.
  • Updated the display name of some space plasma weapons that were missing their suffixes.
  • Updated debuff science and related powers, like Jam Sensors and Tractor Beam, so they can be used while the B’rel Retrofit is under an Enhanced Cloak.
    • These abilities cannot be used while under a standard or battle cloak.
  • Added Teleport Immunity to Reverse Shield Polarity, Scattering Field, Attack Pattern Omega, and Polarize Hull.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing players to only get one buff when slotting multiple torpedo console mods of the same type.
  • Bridge Officers will only use hyposprays when below 50% health.
  • Updated the Ki’tang Refit’s console Subspace Jump:
    • The console Subspace Jumper now has unique icon art.
    • The "Subspace Jump" power now has unique icon art.
    • Reduced the Recharge time of Subspace Jump.
  • Removed Auxiliary power drain from the Karfi Phase Shift.
  • Bird of Prey Carrier Pet AI improvements:
    • This pet will no longer stay cloaked for too much of any encounter.
    • Limited cloak to only be used during a specific "Retreat" phase of their attack runs, which should only trigger when they get too close to their target.
      • NOTE: They will only use this phase if the player is using the "Attack" Carrier AI command.
    • Reduced innate damage boost slightly.
    • Resolved an issue which caused these pets to sometimes get stuck in an AI loop that was less effective in combat.
  • Drastically improved the Control Resistance benefits player get from Willpower, Inertial Dampers, Sensors and Power Insulators.
    • Max resistance is now 75%.
      • This is from skill alone, items can increase this value.
  • Updated description for Grant Diplomatic Immunity ability.
    • Also updated Klingon equivalent to be the same as the Fed version.
      • Updated name to Raiding Party.
  • Dilithium Store Updates:
    • Added a Rare Mk XI Antiproton Mag Regulator console to both FED and KDF Dilithium vendors
    • Added a Rare Mk XI TCD Subspace Infuser console to both FED and KDF Dilithium vendors
    • Added Antiproton Ship Weapons to both FED and KDF Dilithium vendors
    • Added access to Mk XI equipment to all appropriate Dilithium vendors for the KDF faction
    • Added access to Mk XI Tetryon Pistols and Mk XI Polaron Rifles to FED Dilithium vendors
  • Antimatter Spread and Scramble Sensors will now give targets a 30 second immunity to Confuse effects after the debuff expires, or is cleansed.
  • Updated the icon for Jem'Hadar Resilient Shields Mk XI so it no longer has the Mk XII icon.
  • Distortion Field no longer has a missing icon when activated
  • Cover shields and other similar powers will no longer spawn behind the player that lays them.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue that would cause the chat input to perform up/down history navigation while numlock is on.
  • Made the Duty Officer Assignment no longer show randomized item rewards, since it will always be incorrect.
  • Resolved issues with mouse wheel zooming on Qo’noS First City.
  • The names of Rare and Very Rare items should always be displayed when they are collected in the rewards window.
  • Resolved an issue where it would become impossible to click the buttons in the C-Store if the window was stretched too wide.
  • Force back out of the dossier in the active roster/slot roster/requisition list when the window is opened.
    • It should not be possible to have both open at the same time.

Known Issue[edit | edit source]

  • The set bonus for the Bortasqu' states it requires 4 pieces.
    • This is incorrect; it only requires 3.
    • Equipping all 3 required items correctly applies the set bonus.
    • This is only an issue with the text in the display, not in the actual functionality.

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