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General[edit | edit source]

  • Sector Space streaks no longer appear when going in reverse.
  • The Qo'noS contact who sold ship consoles for Dilithium changed his name to Weachug.
    • Apparently he had a small bout of amnesia and was going by the name Mayerteac.
  • One dilithium vendor on Qo'noS, K'Tarl, was undercutting his competitors by illegal amounts for very rare endgame gear.
    • He has been taken before the high council and reprimanded for engaging in illicit barter.
      • In accordance with Klingon law, his prices have been adjusted.
  • Updated the FX for Forcefield Dome, Medical Generator, and Shield Generator
  • Autofire now works as intended once again.
  • General improvements and updates were made to DS9.
  • The default size for the Klingon Inventory window no longer has blank space on the right side.
    • There will always be extra space when there is no scrollbar there at the minimum width, because the window was made resizable horizontally.
  • General server improvements.
  • Updated Starbase 157 to make the floor a little more solid.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Updated all the ship consoles, tier 4 and below, that come on C-Store ships so they no longer are restricted by ship class.
  • The TOS Tier 1 Constitution ship now comes with +3 bonus power to all subsystems.
  • Support Drone now comes with Bonus Perception, to detect cloaked foes.
  • Target Subsystem Shields Rank 1 has been updated to gain the appropriate benefit from Flow Capacitors.
  • The Klingon Honor Guard Mk XI and Mk XII shields have been updated to display the associated visual FX when equipped.

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Assignment Bribe Federation Transit Controller will now properly show up only in Federation territory. Don't know how that dude got so lost...
  • Corrected text for KDF Saboteur Tier III Espionage accolade.
    • There are continuing reports of similar issues on the Federation side, but this is requiring some time to track down properly.
  • Increased critical chance for repeatable Support Colonial chain assignments.
    • This is intended to operate in tandem with the increase in rarity of these assignments.
  • Increased the Disable time when using the Magnometric Overload console.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, the Rhode Island console that grants Photonic Displacement is still only valid for Science class ships.
    • This is not as intended and will be updated to work on all ships soon.

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