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Gold account Details[edit | edit source]

All currently-subscribed accounts have been converted to gold accounts.

Character Slots[edit | edit source]

  • Players who subscribe after Dec 1st 2011 will receive one Starfleet faction restricted character slot, one Klingon faction character slot, and one unrestricted slot.
  • Players who were subscribed before Dec 1st 2011 will continue to start with three unrestricted character slots.
  • To summarize, the number of character slots you have is as follows:
    • 1 unrestricted character slot
    • 1 Starfleet only character slot (this slot is unrestricted for players who subscribed before Dec 1st 2011)
    • 1 Klingon only character slot (this slot is unrestricted for players who subscribed before Dec 1st 2011)
    • 1 Slot for Foundry content creation
    • 1 Slot for 300 day veterans
    • 2 Slots for Lifetime subscribers
    • Up to 40 additional slots purchasable via the C-Store

Bridge officer slots[edit | edit source]

  • 4 starting bridge officer slots.
  • Additional bridge officer slots awarded at some ranks.
  • Additional slots may be purchased from the c-store.

Energy Credit Limit[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum number of energy credits per character has been lowered from 2 billion to 1 billion.
  • If you have more than 1 billion energy credits the excess will not be removed, but you will not earn any more energy credits until your total is below 1 billion.

Inventory and Bank Slots[edit | edit source]

For reference, here are the number of inventory and bank slots that a character should have based on rank:

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Ensign - 42
  • Lieutenant - 42
  • Lt. Commander - 48
  • Commander - 54
  • Captain - 60
  • Rear Adm., Lower - 66
  • Rear Adm., Upper - 66
  • Vice Adm. - 72
  • Up to 36 additional inventory slots may be purchased in the C-Store

Bank slots[edit | edit source]

  • Ensign - 48
  • Lieutenant - 48
  • Lt. Commander - 60
  • Commander - 72
  • Captain - 84
  • Rear Adm., Lower - 96
  • Rear Adm., Upper - 96
  • Vice Adm. - 108
  • Up to 48 additional bank slots may be purchased in the C-Store

Captain Retrain Tokens[edit | edit source]

  • A retrain token is awarded at each rank.
  • Additional retrain tokens may be purchased from the c-store.

Foundry access[edit | edit source]

  • Gold players start with 8 project slots for the foundry.
  • Additional Foundry project slots may be purchased for Dilithium.
  • Gold members will get a free ship token at every level except for VA.

Duty Officer System[edit | edit source]

The Duty Officer and Assignment system has been added to the game! This system is an optional mini-game themed around the logistics of managing the full crew complement of your ship that opens up when you reach the rank of Lieutenant 8.

  • Upon first initiating the system, characters will be granted a number of starting duty officers to staff their ship. Additional duty officers of various qualities, rarities, specializations and species may be gained by means of certain assignments as well as via purchase of random packs of duty officers on the C-Store.
  • The HUD has been updated to add a button allowing access to the duty officer system from any sector map, the interior of your ship or an ally’s, and most social maps.
  • Every character has two active rosters, one for space and one for ground. Duty officers may be slotted into both of these to grant you various conditional and passive effects.
  • Duty officers may also be sent on assignments granting a wide array of rewards including skill points, bridge officer points, energy credits, Dilithium, commodities, additional duty officers, bridge officers, items, and commendation experience.
  • Assignments require a certain amount of time to elapse ranging from fifteen minutes to seven days.
    • Time continues to count down even when a player is not logged into the game.
  • Commendation experience allows a character to advance independently in twelve different categories; one of these, Diplomacy, co-opts the existing Diplomacy system by allowing characters to gain DXP via the assignment system in addition to existing methods. Another, Marauding, is only available to Klingons.
    • Each commendation category has four tiers of advancement.
    • Advancing in a commendation category opens up new assignments and offers special rewards.

Space Skills[edit | edit source]

An all New Space Skill System has been implemented! Due to this all characters skill points have been refunded. All characters will be prompted to spend their skill points after entering any map, until they spend their skill points.

  • The skill point cap has been raised by 50 points.
  • All Space Skills have been changed.
    • The effects of all space skills are more transparent.
    • Most simply improve a function type directly.
    • Such as improving all healing or all control powers.
    • Alternately, the skill may simply grant a direct bonus.
  • Training/Command skill branch is gone.
    • No more ship captain skills.
    • There are just flat ship bonuses that apply to any ship you fly.
    • This is designed to let you swap ships painlessly.
  • The space weapon skill branch no longer has energy/torpedo type skills.
    • This is designed to let you swap weapons painlessly.
  • There are a lot fewer skills now. As such, the cost has increased by 50%.
  • All space powers and abilities have been adjusted to utilize the new skills.
  • All Items that affected skills have been updated.
    • This significantly impacted Science Consoles and Deflector Dish Items. They have all been adjusted to utilize the new skills.
  • Ground skills, powers, and items remain unchanged for now, except for having their costs updated.

Tutorial Update[edit | edit source]

  • The existing tutorial has gotten a revamp!
  • You can skip the tutorial as long as you’ve completed it at least once before.
    • If you’ve played the tutorial all the way through before, when starting a new character you’ll be asked if you want to skip it or not.
      • Should you agree to play the tutorial, you will need to play it all the way through to the end.
  • Added [Tutorial]: to the start of the text for all game-start tutorial player missions so that players explicitly knows when they are doing tutorial stuff.
  • Khitomer Ground: Using the console in auxiliary control beams the Borg out.
  • Population on the group areas of the tutorial have had their populations reduced.

Klingon Academy[edit | edit source]

  • Klingon players can enter the Academy from the Qo’noS system, the First City transporter room, or the First City shipyard.
  • Lieutenant S’stas has been moved to Klingon Academy and can be found in the Command Center.
  • Lore singer Ch’toh grants missions and can be found in the upper plaza.
  • Library computers and the Historical Database can be accessed from the consoles in the Command Center.

Currency Update[edit | edit source]

The currency system has changed! There are now only three forms of major currency in the game:

  • Energy Credits – Use this to purchase consumables and standard (common) gear.
  • Gold-Pressed Latinum – Earn this from playing Dabo, and use it to purchase novelty items.
  • Dilithium – Earn this by completing daily missions, exploration, PVP, and special events. Purchase rare or very rare gear and new ships.

All of the old medals, marks, badges, merits, and emblems will be going away; they will be converted over to Dilithium, and may be used at any level to purchase appropriate gear or ships.

Dilithium[edit | edit source]

Dilithium ore is now implemented! You gain Dilithium ore by completing daily tasks such as star cluster exploration, PVP, certain Duty Officer assignments, special events, or daily story missions.

  • Dilithium ore cannot be spent in its raw state and must be refined in order to create usable, spendable, refined Dilithium.
  • Check your inventory and go to your resources tab in order to convert Dilithium ore into Refined Dilithium, which is used to purchase gear and ships.
  • You may process up to 8,000 ore into refined dilithium each day.

Dilithium refinement for gold players:

  • When a player logs in for the first time during a dilithium refining day and they have dilithium ore, it will refine all ore up to the maximum possible since the last time they refined ore.
  • For example, a player logs in on Monday and manually refines 2500 ore. They next log in on Thursday and we automatically refine 21500 ore.
  • 5500 for Monday, and 8000 each for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Dilithium Exchange[edit | edit source]

This exchange allows players to trade Cryptic Points for Dilithium with other players. The Dilithium Exchange can currently be accessed from the drop down menu on the lower right corner of the minimap. The currency exchange window has three tabs:

  • Sell Cryptic Points – From this tab you can sell your Cryptic Points for another player’s Dilithium. The interface for creating a sell offer is in the lower left corner of the window. There are three inputs: Quantity of Cryptic Points to sell, price per Cryptic Point in Dilithium, and total quantity of Dilithium you will receive when the order is fulfilled. For example, if you enter “10” for the number of Cryptic Points, and “200” for the unit price, the total you will receive will be 2000 Dilithium. When you create a Sell order the Cryptic Points are removed from your personal balance immediately and held in escrow by the Dilithium Exchange.
  • Buy Cryptic Points – From this tab you can buy Cryptic Points from other players using your Dilithium. The interface for entering a buy offer is the same as the one for entering sell offers. When you enter an offer to buy Cryptic Points, the Dilithium required to pay for those points will be deducted from your personal balance and held in escrow by the Dilithium Exchange.
  • History – This tab shows a detailed history of all of your activities on the Dilithium exchange, up to 250 entries are displayed.

A few other notes on the Dilithium Exchange:

  • The price for one Cryptic Point must be between 50 Dilithium and 500 Dilithium. This value is subject to change as we see how the market evolves.
  • The maximum quantity of Cryptic Points that can be bought or sold in a single order is 5000.
  • Each player can have a maximum of 5 offers open on the Dilithium Exchange. Your open offers are displayed in the upper right corner of the both the Buy and Sell tabs.
  • You may cancel an offer at any time, and the escrowed currency for that offer will be placed in your exchange balance, which is displayed along with your personal balance in the lower right corner of the window.
  • When your buy or sell offer is fulfilled (by being matched with an offer of the opposite type) the Dilithium or Cryptic Points you receive will be added to your Dilithium Exchange balance. You can use the Withdraw button to move the currency back to your personal balance so that it can be used in the C-Store or one of the in game Dilithium stores.
  • The Dilithium Exchange is account wide. The limit of 5 open offers is per account. The Dilithium in your exchange balance can be withdrawn by any of your characters. The History tab shows which character performed each action.

Lore Missions[edit | edit source]

The Path to 2409 has been broken down into a series of 29 volumes, each with an average of 5 chapters.

  • Once per day, on Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy, players can get a mission to claim a datachip from that area’s library computer. Once collected, this mystery datachip will randomly become a named datachip that contains the information for one of these 140+ chapters
    • Using this named datachip will consume the datachip item and unlock an accolade for that specific volume/chapter. You can then read that chapter at any time by going to the Accolades tab in your Journal
    • This named datachip can also be traded or placed on the exchange
    • Collect them all to complete the entire Path to 2409!

Also on Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy, once per day players can get a mission to test their knowledge of the Path to 2409.

  • Look on your map to find the test location, marked by a waypoint
  • This test of knowledge will tell you the specific volume and chapter that contains the answer.
    • You can always just guess at the correct answer, or if you’ve found that datachip before, you can read the chapter in the Accolades tab of your Journal.

Event Calendar[edit | edit source]

Starfleet/Klingon Academy Event[edit | edit source]

  • Federation contact: Professor Meyer
  • Klingon contact: Commander B’Tama
  • Hail event contact or speak to him in person at the Academy while this event is in progress to participate.
    • Help Academy Cadets gather Particle Fragments and participate in holographic combat exercises.
    • Save up Particle Fragments and return them to your cadet or event contact for Dilithium Rewards.
    • Particle Fragments will not last for long after the event has ended, turn them in before they disappear.

Tour the Universe[edit | edit source]

  • Come test your ship and crew with a race across Sector Space for Duty Officer XP and energy credits.
    • Players will be tasked with traveling to every sector block and returning to your mission giver before the end of the event.
    • Starfleet Players: Talk to Jay Yim in Earth Space Dock. Captain Yim can be found on the balcony in Club 47.
    • KDF Players: Speak with Targak in Qo’noS. Targak can be found at the Blood Wine fountain in Qo’noS.

Multiphasic Event[edit | edit source]

  • All anomalies throughout the universe will give a bonus on how many are dropped during this event.

Borg Invasion[edit | edit source]

  • The Borg are taking advantage of all the new releases happening and a distracted player base to launch a full scale invasion of the planet Defera!
  • The Defera Invasion zone can be accessed from either the Defera Visitors Center or Defera System in the Deferi Sector of the Orellius Sector Block.
    • This area will always be available for players to visit, but will only have missions available when the event is active.
    • In the off hours, players will have access to crafting vendors and a chance to explore most areas of the invasion zone without fear of being assimilated.
  • Combat throughout the Invasion zone takes place at RA/BG level.
    • Characters not yet at that rank will be bolstered up, much like the Borg Red Alerts.
  • There are four different areas of conflict on the map, each with its own range of difficulties, varying from solo play to requiring a 5 member team to succeed.
    • City
    • Power Plant
    • Temple
    • Probe
  • Each difficulty level is unlocked by completing the lower level difficulty first.
    • Must complete one Easy mission to unlock Medium, and one Medium to unlock Hard.
  • The main Borg boss battle is unlocked by completing at least one mission on Hard difficulty.
  • Mission objectives are wiped between event runs.
    • If you don’t complete it on the first run through, it will reset when the next one starts.
  • Special items have been created for this event: world drops, mission rewards, and craftable items.
    • These items are designed to help fight against the Borg.

Lore Event[edit | edit source]

  • Doing Lore missions during this event will grant players more data chips.

Crystalline Entity Fleet Action[edit | edit source]

  • Public Fleet Action is now an Event, only available certain times of the day.
  • Private Fleet Action has not changed, they can be created as often as players wish.

Crafting Event[edit | edit source]

  • Memory Alpha and Qo’noS crafting stores give a 20% reduction in their cost of unreplicateable materials while the event is running.

Foundry Event[edit | edit source]

  • Players will get additional rewards for playing Foundry missions during this event.

Mission Journal[edit | edit source]

The Mission Journal has been given an overhaul! You can still access it via the “J” key or faction logo on the lower left corner of your minimap.

  • Across the very top, you’ll see an alert when you have actions that can be taken with a mission (for example, a mission is complete and ready to turn in)
  • Below that, from left to right, you’ll find: EPISODES; PvE; PvP

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  • The Hail button will allow you to remotely contact the person offering the mission.
  • The More button will show you the list of upcoming episodes. You can also replay missions through this list of episodes.
  • You can look at each faction hub separately to see all of the missions that are coming.

PvE[edit | edit source]

  • Clicking the Volunteer button will open the PvE Queue. Here you can find Fleet Actions and select STFs.

PvP[edit | edit source]

  • Clicking the Attack button will open the PvP Queue. Here you can queue up to go head to head with other players.
    • Along the bottom, you’ll see a filmstrip of upcoming events for the day. Clicking an event will tell you more about it, including how to participate in it.
      • You can also click the Calendar button to see what’s on tap!

Automatic Sector Travel[edit | edit source]

  • All missions now have a “warp to” button in the mission journal.
  • This button allows players to warp directly to the starting location for that mission.
  • Players must be on that mission to use the button
  • Players that choose to use the warp button will be charged Energy Credits based on the mission starting location.

Episode Flow[edit | edit source]

One major change for existing players is episode availability. Like a TV series, all episodes have been serialized, requiring you to play them in order.

  • Each episode requires a specific player level and that the previous episode on the list has been completed. Assuming you’ve played the previous episode, the next episode will be available as long as you meet the minimum level requirement.
  • Missions are now skippable, however you must skip them in order.
  • The minimum level requirement has been added to the episode list.
  • Each episode has been changed to scale to your level, so you can’t out-level it.
    • You will be rewarded based on whatever level you are when you complete the mission.
    • NPCs will also scale to player-level, rather than be locked at an episode level.
    • This means you can do events, PvE, PvP and other repeatable content as much as you like and then do episodes at your leisure without worrying whether or not they’re still level appropriate.
    • All Fed-side mission rewards now offer scaled rewards of their type.
    • Any reward item that was previously offered at a specific Mk will now offer the same items at a Mk appropriate to the player's level.
    • Except for unique one-off items such as Paratrinic Shields or Efficient Impulse Engines.
    • This is coming soon for Klingon missions.
  • Skill Points and Bridge Officer Skill Point rewards from episodes have been increased for the first half of the game.
    • This means you’ll rank up faster and be able to get into your first new ship much sooner than was previously possible.
    • This boost does slow down as you raise in rank.

Mission Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the rewards for the first 12 levels of missions for Feds to give players a full suite of uncommon Mk II gear and specifically-created bridge officers by the time they reach level 10.
    • On replay, these missions will give a piece of level-appropriate uncommon gear.
  • Also revamped Klingon mission flow:
    • Updated flow for PvE killing fields, star clusters, PvP arenas, PvP scenarios.
      • They all have a single contact.
      • They all have a single intro mission and subsequent repeatable missions, no longer dailies, that are all player leveled.
    • Killing fields now scale to player level and give out an appropriate amount of dilithium ore.
    • Tour of Qo’noS is no longer a gating factor for any mission.
    • Tour of Qo’noS is now set to level 21.
    • PvP missions now require three playthroughs at all levels.
    • Bringing Down the House has mission in Qo’noS to help guide the player to the gate out of town.
    • Updated the federation-side PvP missions to match Klingon ones numbers-wise.

General[edit | edit source]

  • The Klingon ship replicator has been updated to produce commodities.
  • DS9 got an amazing art update to make it look even more awesome.
  • The Klingon faction can now access DS9.
  • Queue Functionality has been updated for STFs and Events.
    • There is now a lockout timer that will keep new team members from joining these after a certain point in the mission has been reached.
    • When the mission has completed, the map will now eject players after 2 min.
      • Make sure to get your loot before you are booted.
      • This will also solve new players spawning in maps where the mission is already complete, and the bug where you could get into an infinite loop of being pulled back into the maps once you leave.
    • Players will be kicked from the STF maps after the mission completes (or fails). You have 3 min to get any loot that’s dropped before you are removed.
    • Added penalties for leaving in-progress public STFs
      • If you leave an in-progress STF you will be unable to queue for any other STF for one hour.
  • Players now rank up when earning skill points instead of when spending them.
  • Removed all merit/honor rewards from PVP end-of-match rewards. PVP mission are now daily missions that reward dilithium ore.
  • Bridge Officers are now trainable for energy credits and promotable with Officer Skill Points.
  • Mission replay consoles have been removed from all player bridges.
  • The Big Lobes Update: Ferengi now get a 20% discount in all EC stores and gold-pressed latinum stores.
    • Ship replicators not included. Some terms and conditions may apply.
  • Resolved some issues with patch on demand and made it faster.
  • Adjusted position of Nexa, Ferengi trader on Qo'noS, so that she is seated in a slightly more accurate position.
  • There is now a 24 hour XP limiter on Foundry-created missions.
    • When you hit the limit you will get a message and no longer earn XP for the rest of that 24 hour period.
  • The PVP Daily reward has been updated to dilithium ore instead of marks of honor.
  • The level-appropriate badge reward for the Foundry and DSEs is now Dilithium Ore.
  • The model for Starbase 39 now represents its system in the sector block.
  • Function keys now work to target bridge officers.
  • Corrected spelling of "Casualty" title.
  • Corrected spelling of title on "Admirial" D'vak.
  • Updated rewards for Starbase 24 fleet action.
    • Winners will now receive a level-appropriate random item as well as a token.
  • Bridge officer movement when entering and exiting combat has been improved.
  • Worf and J'mpok are now Lieutenant Generals.
  • Level 50 players now get a requisition form for one piece of Mk X STF gear.
  • The rate at which players acquire bridge officers as they level has been updated.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

  • Crafting uncommon or rare even-mark gear has a cost in unreplicateable materials in addition to crafting materials.
    • The unreplicateable materials cost is a percentage of the cost to flat out buy the item from the dilithium store. The dilithium cost percentage increases with the rank of the item you’re crafting.
    • Very rare gear is still only craftable at the odd marks (including Mk XI), with a unreplicateable materials cost.
  • Unreplicateable materials are sold for dilithium by the general vendors at Memory Alpha and Qo'noS.
    • Unreplicateable materials are tradable between players
    • Unreplicateable materials cannot be reverted back into dilithium

Animation[edit | edit source]

  • The following stance animations have been updated
    • Standard
    • Brawler
    • Stern
    • Creature
    • Gruff
    • Relaxed
    • Swagger
    • Thoughtful
    • Feminine
    • Seductive
  • Stance animations have received new foot placements to make them blend better with existing emotes.
  • Small idle poses and animations have also been added per stance to give more variety to players that are standing around.
  • Females stances have also been fixed up to reduce hand and arm issues that occur with “crossed-arms” poses.
  • Suggestion for you Klingon characters – Try out Brawler, Stern, and Gruff stances!
  • Female Animations have been adjusted:
    • Now, if you choose the three feminine stances (Feminine, Sexy, Cute), you will get the existing new female walks & runs in unarmed modes.
    • If you choose the other gender neutral stances (Standard, Brawler, Stern ...) you will get the default standard walks/ & runs.
  • Headshots should no longer animate out of frame.
  • Bridge Officers now have a series of idle animation based on the weapon they are holding.

Audio[edit | edit source]

  • Other players shouldn't hear your shield balance/redistribute or photonic medical officer audio now.
  • New Guardian of Forever voice.
  • Tetryon cannon sounds should no longer loop.
  • Resolved a crash that resulted from Pig-Headed Rage.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • Small fix to get crossed arms working for long armed characters
  • Updated Andorian species descriptions for two genders instead of four.
  • Updated the Sit_Chair emote.
  • Chest Badge Activate now works with all weapon powers - Used in "Security Escort" ability
  • Fixed Assault melee power - Does not skip animations anymore

C-Store Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Any ship that has a special power will have that power adjusted to a console, and that ship will be given an extra console slot to accommodate it.
    • These consoles have restrictions on which ships they can go on.
  • During the conversion, your new item will go into your new ship console slot.
    • If your ship is not getting a new ship slot, the item will try to go into an existing console slot, and any item in that slot will get moved into your backpack.
    • No items will be deleted in the conversion.

NX Class[edit | edit source]

  • Grappler is now an Item. (No new console slot)

Advanced Heavy Cruiser – Excelsior[edit | edit source]

  • Transwarp is now a Transwarp Drive Coil Console.
  • Console grants Transwarp plus a passive bonus to Weapon, Shield, Engine, and Auxiliary Efficiency Stat.
  • Added Tactical Console Slot.
  • Upgraded Ensign Engineering Bridge Officer slot to a Lt Engineering Bridge Officer Slot.

Tier 3 Nebula[edit | edit source]

  • Tachyon Field is now a Console Item.
  • Console grants Tachyon Field plus a passive bonus to Starship Sensors stat.
  • Added Science Console Slot.
  • Added Ensign Science Bridge Officer Slot.

Tier 5 Excelsior Retrofit[edit | edit source]

  • Now comes with an Advanced Transwarp Drive Coil console mod.
  • Console grants Transwarp (but no longer to Sirius, Regulus, or Pi Canis), but also grants a passive bonus to Weapon, Shield, Engine, and Aux Performance Stat.
  • No console slots added.

Tier 5 Nebula Retrofit[edit | edit source]

  • Tachyon Detection Grid is now a Console Item.
  • Console grants Tachyon Field plus a passive bonus to Starship Sensors Array stat.
  • Added Science Console Slot.

Vulcan D'kyr[edit | edit source]

  • Added Engineering Console slot (No item added).

Tier 5 Galaxy Retrofit[edit | edit source]

  • Saucer Separation is a Console item.
  • Added Science Console slot.

Tier 5 Defiant Retrofit[edit | edit source]

  • Cloak is a Cloaking Device Console item.
  • Added Engineering Console Slot.

Tier 5 Intrepid Retrofit[edit | edit source]

  • Ablative Generator is now a Console item.
  • Added Engineering Console Slot.

Dreadnought Cruiser[edit | edit source]

  • Cloak is a Cloaking Device Console item.
  • Added Tactical Console Slot.

Kar’Fi Battle Carrier[edit | edit source]

  • New Phase Shift Item.
  • Added Hangar Slot (No console slot added).

T5 B'rel Retrofit[edit | edit source]

  • Added Science Console Slot (No item added).

Varanus Fleet Support Vessel[edit | edit source]

  • Deploy Repair Platforms is not a Console Item.
  • Added Engineering Slot. Repair Drones greatly Improved and Platforms now have a PBAoE Mask Energy Signature.
  • Varanus is not accessible at Brigadier General.
  • Improved ship healing drone healing powers.
  • Added mask energy signature PBAoE component to drone platform.

Marauder Patrol Cruiser[edit | edit source]

  • Marauder is now a Flight Deck Cruiser Class and comes with 1 hangar slot.
  • Interceptor power has been removed.
  • Ship now comes with Marauding Force Hangar Item (effectively an AoE Boarding Party).
  • As a Flight Deck Cruiser, the Marauder can now also equip all small hangar items including the To'Doj Fighters, S'kul Fighters, Nausicaan Siphons and Shield Repair Drones.
  • Marauder is not accessible at Brigadier General.

Guramba Siege Destroyer[edit | edit source]

  • Guramba is now a Destroyer Class.
  • Added Engineer Console slot.
  • No console Item added.
  • Reduced Guramba Ship Lance charge time from 3s to 1s.

Ships[edit | edit source]

  • All Carriers and Flight Deck Cruisers can now equip the To'Doj Fighters, S'kul Fighters, Nausicaan Siphon Pods, and Shield Repair Drones.
    • Bird-of-Prey and Fer'Jai Frigate hangar pets remain exclusive to the Vo'quv Carrier and Kar'Fi Battle Carrier respectively.
  • All Carriers and Flight Deck Cruisers will now come with 4 Pet AI command powers to give orders to your pets - Attack, Escort, Intercept and Recall.
  • There are no longer Port and Starboard carrier hangar pets. All hangar pet items fit in any slot.

Earth Spacedock[edit | edit source]

  • Winters has been replaced by Sulu.
  • Balt's dialog has been updated so it’s friendlier to navigate.
  • Removed Lt. Carei's store and put the VA wares in Lt. Arut's store.
  • Malcolm Sissel now explains where to go for ship selection and costumes.
  • Updated Lt. Lessa’s interact text to Requisition Personal Equipment.
  • New signs added to help locate things.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved an issue that was causing a blue glow on Manus of Borg to be a square on low end machines.
  • Resolved an issue with impulse glows when at full impulse.
  • Changed visual for Charged particle burst to be a sphere instead of a flat disk.
  • The FX for Antiproton Space weapons was updated to match the ground versions.
    • The audio was also freshened up a little.
  • Updated the art for Shield indicators to make them more awesome and improve performance.
  • Updated the FX for Plasma Space Weapons.
  • There is now a new interact effect.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • Klingon Foundry contacts Dara, Mina, and Nava are working again.
  • Randomly created characters for Content Creation will no longer pick locked c-store species.
  • Resolved issue with map popup dialogs re-appearing if there were enough of them on the map.
  • Resolved potential crash when loading an existing Foundry project.
  • The tooltip for the Create Content button no longer refers to UGCShard.
  • Players are now automatically informed when one of their Foundry projects is banned.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Several typos have been resolved in the Doomsday Device Episode.
  • Feds and Klingons can now go into each other’s star clusters for duty officers - they cannot do exploration missions that belong to the other faction
  • Updated Drozana depths, past, and Gateway system in the past, so that player cannot use reinforcement powers.
  • Fix for incorrect sector location given in Cage of Fire mission text.
  • Removed Drake from Under Cover of Night on the ground map.
  • Forging Bonds is available via the journal again.
  • Destroying the asteroid before responding to the disabled IKS Kang no longer causes the mission to enter an unwinnable state on “Saturday’s Child”
  • Typo fixed in Leading the Way.
  • Resolved typo in KDF mission Destiny
  • Hide and Seek: Placing mines as an engineer with the "Transmit Data" dialog up will not block the player from completing the mission.
  • Promotion missions given from Admiral Quinn are now available as a remote contact
  • Ceremony missions should be droppable now.
  • Removed the requirement to enter the council chamber for the Klingon commander promotion mission.
  • All feature episodes now grant their specialty reward as the only available reward(s) on first playthrough.
    • On replay, additional rewards are available.
  • Removed New Orders, the mission that Quinn uses to send players to Winters.
  • All patrols were updated.
    • They now scale to the player’s level.
    • Mission rewards have been increased.
    • There are now minimum level requirements for them.
  • Updated the trace particle Accolade to show which particles have been collected and which are still needed to complete the Accolade.
  • Coliseum:
    • Dying to the Warriguls no longer respawns the player in the day portion of the mission.
    • Killing the warriguls before prompted to do so no longer halts mission progression.
    • The secret weapon stash is once again functional.
    • If player activates turrets when worm is targeting Slamek, the turret is not destroyed and continues firing forever.
  • Briar Patch: Removed 80% of the turrets and cut the travel distance in half.
  • Night of the Comet: Resolved issue that occasionally allowed bar fighters to become invulnerable.
  • Exploration tours (Explore 3 Delta Volanis systems, etc.) are no longer daily missions.
    • They can be repeated once every half hour for skill points.
    • A new daily mission allows you to gain dilithium once per day for completing an exploration tour.
      • Starfleet officers can acquire this mission from Lieutenant Grall.
      • KDF officers acquire the mission from Lieutenant Atonone.
      • Completing any exploration tour will finish this mission and reward a stipend of dilithium.

Special Task Force Missions[edit | edit source]

  • At Level 45 you can access Normal versions of all existing Borg STFs.
    • Infected
    • The Cure
    • Khitomer Accord
  • At 51 you can access Elite Versions of the existing STFs.
  • Each STF has been broken into two 30 minute segments, one space segment and one ground segment per STF.
  • Playing the STFs now requires the use of the public queues or private queues to play.
    • The public queue requires 5 players
    • The private queue requires 3 players
    • This also means you can join an STF from any map that allows queue access.

STF Loot has been updated[edit | edit source]

  • There are now many new Space and ground weapons designed to help combat the Borg threat.
  • Special Vendors have been added DS9 for collecting the new STF loot.
  • Added all new STF accolades, and their respective title rewards.
  • Subnucleonic Beam no longer permanently disables the healing powers of the gate/cubes.

Infected Space[edit | edit source]

  • Destroying the Gate and Transformers is now a much more linear process.
    • To destroy the Gate you must destroy both Transformers.
    • To destroy the Transformers you must destroy all four Generators.
    • All objects are now targetable (damageable) when the puzzle starts

Cure Space[edit | edit source]

  • Healing puzzle changes similar to that of Infected Space.
  • The attackers going for the Kang have been increased slightly.

Cure Ground[edit | edit source]

  • Mini Boss Turrets have been added.
  • You can no longer climb over the boss shield in the Armek Fight.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Aim and Crouch are now 2 separate modes. They can be combined or used separately. Default keybinds are C for crouch and X for Aim.
  • The Gorn and Orion ships that were Vice Admiral are now available at Rear Admiral
  • Updated name and icon for schematic for Immunosupport Nanites.
  • Reduced chance of Borg ships clearing effects of boarding party subsystem targeting.
  • Player Spawned Fighter Updates:
    • Improved player fighter defense values.
    • Removed fighter docking after combat.
    • Improved carrier Bird-of-Prey damage.
    • Reduced carrier waves from 3 to 2.
      • Buffed player carrier pets to compensate for reduction of waves from 3 to 2.
    • Increased Kar'fi S'kul fighter kamikaze damage.
    • Carriers can summon hanger pets without an enemy targeted.
  • Added new fighter AI commands.
    • Carrier fighter commands have been added to the top of the weapons tray UI.
    • Allows carrier captains to issue Attack, Recall, Escort, and Intercept orders, if they have the appropriate powers.
      • On Attack mode, craft will now follow you if there are no more enemies to fight, until you target a new enemy or are attacked.
      • On Recall mode, craft will engage full impulse to follow you if they are too far away.
      • On Intercept mode your craft will intercept enemy mines, fighters, or torpedoes within 12 km preferentially, and will still attack enemy ships if no other small targets are available.
    • Updated all carrier fighter pets so you can equip more than one.
    • Updated carrier pet store so you can only buy certain pets if you own the correct ship.
    • Fighter pet AI has been updated to be more robust, and to have default behaviors if you happen to launch fighters from a ship that doesn't have carrier commands enabled.
  • Carrier pets are no longer set to “port” and “starboard”. Any carrier pet item can work in any slot.
  • A new Orion Slaver carrier pet has been added.
    • It can be accessed in game from the Carrier Vendor if you own any Orion ship.
    • It does not come equipped on any carrier or Flight Deck Cruiser.
    • It drops mines and steals crew.
  • Tricobalt Devices and High Yield Plasma Torpedoes will now affect foes and yourself - not your allies.
  • Targetable torpedoes now have a very high defense value; approximately three shots in four will miss.
  • All Torpedo Spreads, except Tricobalt, have been updated.
    • Made the spread attacks periodic, just like torpedo salvo.
      • Instead of one big hit per target, each target gets hit with 2, 3, or 4 hits.
      • This is the same as salvo.
      • Each hit calculates critical individually.
      • This should alleviate the severe spike damage we have been seeing.
    • Each target is hit with a small AoE; this is unchanged.
      • The splash damage now drops off, so if you are next to target that gets hit, you won't get the same full damage that he did.
      • The further away you are from a target, the less splash damage you will get.
      • The splash radius is 300 just as before and the damage drops off linearly so if you are 150 away from the target, you will get half splash damage.
    • Reduced Max Number of targets from 10 to 3, 4, and 5 for Spread I, II and III, respectively.
    • Updated Spread damage to 80% of its equivalent salvo.
    • Updated the art and tooltips.
    • Removed the AoE from basic and Salvo torpedoes.
    • These changes affect player and NPC torpedoes.
  • Automated Defense Turret, a Collector's Edition bonus, now cannot miss nearby targets.
    • Losing weapon subsystems now disables this item.
  • Resolved an issue with the flashlight in “What Lies Beneath” so you can sprint and roll while it is active.
  • Due to player feedback, Devidian powers and abilities have been tuned down slightly.
  • The Emission Seeking torpedo should now have proper icons for every type of torpedo that it can be used with.
  • Updated shield charges and hyposprays so that bridge officers should only use them while in combat.
    • This will prevent chain spamming of consumables by bridge officers.
  • Lunge distance is now expressed in meters.
  • Lunge is now correctly marked as an exploit in the power description and tooltip.
  • Resolved an exploit that allowed space shields to repair faster than intended.
  • The Difficulty Slider for space combat has been modified.
    • Enemies on Advanced difficulty now do more damage and gain less shield and HP.
      • This change affected low ranks/levels mores than higher levels.
    • A similar change was made on Elite difficulty, but to a much smaller degree.
  • No skill now unlocks training for Tractor Beam III.
    • Tractor Beam III will now appear in Random Bridge Officers.
  • No skill now unlocks training for Charged Particle Burst III.
    • Charged Particle Burst III will now appear in Random Bridge Officers.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • The login screen background and logo has been updated.
  • Character select screens have been updated for both factions
  • All new character creation UI!
  • You can now double click to select and advance the character class in character creation.
  • The color palette in the Tailor and Character Creator will now remember the recently selected color choices.
    • Attempting to use a recent color that is not in the color palette will instead use the closest color in the color palette.
  • Clicking the Help and Support button inside the Tailor Window no longer opens the Report a Bug window behind the Tailor Window.
  • Resolved issue that allowed creating a character without choosing traits.
  • Added C-Store, Duty Officer, PvE Queue, PvP Queue, Mail and Social buttons to the Minimap HUD.
    • Duty Officer icon blinks when assignments are complete.
    • Mail icon blinks when you have new mail.
  • Contacts and vendors in social zones now have unique icons to make it easier to tell who sells what.
    • These icons appear on the map and minimap too.
  • Contact and vendor minimap and regular map icons now always display regardless of distance from player.
  • Adjusted the minimap zoom to have a better default.
  • Added a compass to the HUD on ground maps.
    • Now there are waypoint markers in the compass for any mission waypoint.
  • Add Caitian to the Guild Species list.
  • The respec window now closes if the player gets out of range of the contact.
  • The skill respec window automatically closes when the character status window is opened.
  • Both ground and space now show 25 characters for the guild name.
  • Added C-Store ship purchasing support to the Ship Store.
  • It’s now possible to close the private PvE and PvP queue configuration window, and a small overview window will show instead.
  • Added new class icons for both federation and klingons.
  • Slightly adjusted the character spacing of the fonts to improve legibility.
  • Updated rank/grade display for requirements for next rank.
  • Security Bridge Officers are always selectable as Standard Away Team members.
  • Interaction Buttons: made it so that the button text behaves as the rest of the UI (mouseover, pressed, disabled).
  • Added help text for R&D Progress, Ship Selector, Exchange, Bank, and Dilithium Exchange.
  • When no missions are primary, the next added mission will become the primary mission.
  • Joining a PvP challenge no longer causes chat window text to overlap incorrectly.
  • The PvP chat channel box text no longer overlaps the upper border of the box.
  • Updated Queue window so the list no longer overlaps the scrollbar.
  • Changed the background for the Federation and Klingon ship tailors.
  • Improved contribution highlighting:
    • Add a separate entity drop down.
    • Add a help button.
  • There is now a bind option for Target Self.
  • The word "shield" was removed from the character and bridge officer health tooltip.
  • Gained SP now floats to the top corner of the screen on both space and ground maps.
  • The log button in character status window was removed.
    • The log can still be accessed via the journal window.
  • The Bridge Officer Trainer store button is now labeled Officer Training.
  • Right-clicking one's ship icon in system space no longer provides a "Change Uniform" option.
  • In stores, the Cancel button will now act as a back button.
  • The generic planet preview image for system information in sector space has been updated.
  • Updated the waypoint indicator for player-created waypoints and added a distance tracker to it.
  • Player-created waypoints will try to hug the ground surface on ground maps.
  • References to costume and uniform have been changed to the new term “Outfit”.
  • If an item fails to attach to an in game mail it will trigger an error message.
  • Tooltips have been added to the mission journal window.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • The Borg bridge officers will be temporarily unavailable in the C-store.
  • The Defiant Retrofit, Galaxy Retrofit, Intrepid Retrofit, Nebula Refit, and B’rel Retrofit cannot be reclaimed if you discharge them.
    • Nor can they be claimed on alternate characters.
  • The Puyjaq cannot be reclaimed via the ship store if discharged.
    • It can be reclaimed via the C-store, however.
  • Some of the Klingon ships display with the incorrect images in the ship store.
  • The Sao Paulo is missing its hull strength indicator UI.
  • The SuQob and Puyjaq Raptors have some identity issues:
    • If you purchase the SuQob Raptor from the ship vendor, you will be unable to purchase the Puyjaq Raptor.
    • If you purchase the Puyjaq Raptor from the ship vendor, you will be unable to purchase the SuQob Raptor.
    • Both ships are available correctly via the C-store.
  • Some bugs existed previously that gave players more inventory and bank slots than intended when they gained a rank.
    • The bug that granted the extra slots had previously been fixed, and now we are fixing the characters that had too many slots.
    • If a character’s inventory or bank has to be reduced to remove the extra slots, the items from those slots will be placed in their Overflow Inventory.
      • Items can be removed from the Overflow Inventory by clicking on the Overflow button at the bottom of the inventory window.
      • This button will only appear if there are items in your Overflow Inventory.
  • Increased rewards based on using uncommon, rare, or very rare doffs on assignments are not being properly adjusted yet.
  • Players are unable to save changes to Fleet Emblem.

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