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General[edit | edit source]

  • Cleared up some FX issues with the NPC K’tinga ship costume.
  • All graphical fixes that were made to the Tier 4 Intrepid are now updated on the Tier 5 Intrepid.
  • The /keybinds command works again.
  • Resolved an issue that would occasionally cause the ship tailor to charge for a ship interior change that never actually took place.
  • Resolved a minor typo in Equipment Diagnostic.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the inspection of items in the exchange.
  • Players that have subscribed for 600 days or more will unlock the 600 day veteran perk.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed weird delay with the Scramble sensors debuff . When a target is hit, they will immediately get affected by this ability.
  • Increased the effect Duration of Antimatter Spread to 12 seconds (can be increased by 50% with skills).
  • The max number of effected targets of antimatter spread is 5.
  • Increased the damage and reduced the charge time of the Guramba Javelin.
  • Reduced the Turn Rate debuff when the Guramba is in Siege Mode from -50% to -35%.
  • Decreased the damage of Isometric charge. Damage can now be increased with skill.
  • Reduced Global Coolddown time of torpedoes from 3 to 1 second.
  • There is now an option for Lt. General Klingon players to warp to the non Lt. General version of the Azlesa Expanse.
  • B'rel Retrofit Updates
    • Heals and Heal over Time powers will no longer decloak your ship.
    • Enhanced Battle cloak will only be suppressed for 3 seconds when you activate an attack or heal on another target.
  • Blue Phaser Changes
    • TOS Constitution Phasers
      • TOS Phasers from C-store Connie will no longer be Unique.
      • Updated display name to highlight its Crit Chance enhancement.
      • These phasers are now green quality.
    • TOS Devidian Arc Phasers
      • Added Damage Enhancement, these phasers are now truly blue quality.
      • No longer Unique, players can equip as many as they like.
      • Set all Retrofit TOS Blue Phaser Weapons you get from the Devidian Series to no longer be unique (you can now equip as many as you like).
    • Summary
      • You can continue to game the system with your preorder or c-store connie leveless blue phasers but they wont be as good as the marked blue phasers you can grind out of the devidian series.
  • Fixed Boff Battle Strategies 1 rank 3 and above - the buff was set to 10X normal (and better than Battle Strategies II and Battle Strategies III combined).

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