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General[edit | edit source]

  • Klingon players may now craft the Rare Hargh'Peng Torpedo launchers at odd marks.
    • Fed players must play the Doomsday machine episode to "obtain" the Hargh'Peng.
  • Borg probes have been updated with new art.
  • Borg cubes will now a have a slightly larger shield ring.
  • Resolved the issue of non-square Borg ships receiving square shields.
  • The KDF now has a new window option on all Klingon ship models. (This means the Orion, Nausicaan, and Gorn ships do not get these window options at this time.)
  • The phaser and disruptor cannon effects have been slightly updated.
  • Improved Oberth console power gains from 25 to 33.
  • Resolved the overlap of ships and the stats in the ship UI.
  • Created unique icons for all unique particle traces.
  • The white flash that appears on the hull of Borg ships when they explode has been removed.
  • The Cryptic Point icon has been updated.
  • Some Optimization and Stability Updates.

Animation[edit | edit source]

  • Female Walk:
    • Small glitch fixes to new female unarmed sprints.
    • New female unarmed sprints - They look more feminine.
    • Arm swings are slightly more subtle.
    • Female eyes no longer sink in during walk (or other animations).
  • A dance emote will only play one cycle while the player is sitting in a chair.
    • This will prevent players getting stuck when they use a dance emote while sitting.
  • Updates to the bite emote so the character will keep their weapon in hand while biting.
  • Added a little more motion to the assault idle.

The Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • The issue that required the Foundry to be shut down has been resolved. The Foundry is available again for search and edit.
  • Updated the Fek’ihri Kamikaze Fighter AI so that it will fight even when it does not have a direct owner. (This only effects those that spawn in the foundry).

Known Issue[edit | edit source]

  • There is a chance that teams could be split up upon map transfer during foundry missions. The Foundry team is hard at work to resolve this issue.

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