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General[edit | edit source]

  • Updated some old descriptions for the procs on certain Tetryon ground weapons!
  • Make the shooter reticule turn red if it's over a destructible object.
  • Players should no longer hear shield balance, shield redistribute, or photonic medical officer audio from other players.
  • Sector Space keybinds have been removed from the options menu since they have been disabled for a long time anyway.
  • Fixed Regenerative Spores plant healing value in the Coliseum. They should now be helpful to the player again.
  • Fix a bug in the item context menu that would cause it show 'Use' for almost all item types.
  • The exploration version of Mk X Polyalloy weave PolAp/PhaDis/PlaTet armor was set to BoE instead of BoP. They have been updated to be BoP.
  • Replaced the duplicate deflector dish in the badge store with the correct dish.
  • Hooked up new costume to thrown grenades and made their transit power not require line of site. This was to fix as bug when you threw a grenade on a slanted wall the grenade would not explode.
  • Updated display text for the Oberth Battery.
  • Updated tootlips for Mask Energy Signature.
  • Updated Tooltips for Evasive Maneuvers.
  • Made Saucer Separated Galaxy pet use player ship name.
  • All Borg ships have received a complete graphical overhaul.
  • The ten Unique Particle Traces now have their own icons.
  • Minor performance improvement when initializing keybinds.
  • Fixed an issue where some players couldn’t log in if they had exceeded allowed number of Bridge Officers.
  • Updated the login loading screen to remove Atari logo.
  • Replacing Atari Token icons with Cryptic C-Points icon (note your Atari Tokens are still valid).
  • Addressed an issue where local and zone chat was crashing or becoming unresponsive in some areas.
  • Updates in preparation of next week’s QXP weekend.
  • Fixed several client crashes related to logging into the game.
  • Updated the Combat Horta description.
  • Fixed an issue where small fighters would not enter combat if they weren’t spawned by an owning carrier.
  • Fixed several missions that were calling the wrong mission update text.
  • Added descriptions to several powers that did not previously have them.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Enemy groups will now correctly spawn at level 31 on the Malon ground map.
  • Players with the Nerve Pinch trait may now use this in "Everything Old is New" to gain access to Ens. Svoboda's console.
  • Added waypoints for the Dera system patrol.
  • Added waypoints to beginning space section of mission "Saturday's Child" and clarified explanatory text.
  • Fixed some minor gameplay issues with one of the Borg STF bosses.

Animation[edit | edit source]

  • The following animations have been tweaked further based on player feedback:
    • Minor tweaks to sword and bat'leth movements while in shooter mode.
    • Updated player idle while holding an assault weapon.
    • Sword animations have been tweaked in general.
    • Female walk animations have been adjusted.

Known Issue[edit | edit source]

  • If you preview a ground map in the foundry and then try to get back to the editor it may crash.

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