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General[edit | edit source]

  • Starfleet Academy is now available as a social map!
    • Players can enter Starfleet Academy from the Sol System map.
    • This map is available for use in Foundry missions!
  • Crafting Updates.
    • All Very Rare crafting recipes now require only two unique particle traces (down from 3 for Mk9-11, up 1 for Mk2).
    • The Unique Particle (UP) Traces needed for Very Rare items has been balanced across the available recipes so that most UPs have a regular recipe in which they are used based on the type of item.
      • This fixes an issue where some UPs were in far more demand than others (e.g. Vertions vs. Duderons and Dekyons).
    • Based on additional player feedback, we are also now offering the ability to purchase schematics at the Basic Crafting Supply Vendors on Memory Alpha and Qo'noS for 10,000 EC each.
      • Players may still craft schematics with Tier 1 anomalies, but the ability to purchase schematics will negate the need for players to return to low level sectors in order to locate Tier 1 anomalies for the sole purpose of making schematics.
      • Most schematics now have an EC value of 100.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the "ShooterPrimary" bind to not get set correctly when using offset key binds.
  • The C-Store Bat’leth is now using the appropriate weapon art.
  • Stability Updates.

Systems[edit | edit source]

  • Borg ranged lieutenants will use their heavy knockdown forced plasma bolt less often so groups containing those enemies are slightly less dangerous.

Character[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug where some TOS badges were not visible on some uniforms.
  • Fixed bug where All Good Things uniforms had clipping with their rank pips.
  • Fixed bug where some Female Vulcans could not access all pointed ear options.
  • Fixed bug where Glossy and Matte maters were not rendering properly.
  • Fixed bug where some Female character could not access new Sierra and Antares skirt and boot options.
  • Updating visuals on TNG style pips.
  • Updated collar and shirt of TNG and DS9 uniforms.
  • Updating visuals on Romulan, Gorn, and Gorn Augment NPCs.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Ancestral Sin, Trade Deal, Quarantine, Standoff: Mission titles are no longer labeled as Daily’s.
  • The stopper issue in “Second Star on the Right” has been resolved.
  • BOffs no longer spawn with the player in quarks bar.

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