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General[edit | edit source]

  • The Oberth will be available as a C-Store transaction at 10:30am on 4/21. Please note that just like the constitution and the NX, there is no in game way to unlock this ship. We are working towards an in game solution for the Oberth and the other starter ships for season 4.
  • Additional server stability updates have been implemented.
  • A typo in the tier 1 Federation ship database has been fixed.
  • The word “referral” is no longer misspelled on the Dreadnought Cruiser referral item.
  • Some of the tier 9 tactical kits in the PVP vendor stores on K-7 and Ganalda were exploration instead of PVP kits. They have been replaced with correct versions.
  • The bottom item on the away team picker default selection no longer displays "InvalidEntity".
  • Certain Polyalloy armors were misspelled and have been corrected.
  • Also added wide beam setting to common, uncommon, and rare wide beam disruptor pistol MK XIs.
  • Mk XI disruptor pistol (wide) versions had no secondary fire mode. Added wide beam to them.
  • Ship explosions will now only effect a maximum of 5 targets.
  • Fixes the spelling of Auxiliary on all batteries/tooltips that use the word and made it so the buff should show up on the HUD when using a battery.
  • Several stability updates have been added.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • There is now a daily UGC mission that will reward players for playing 3 different star cluster missions.
    • Players will receive numerics and their choice of either:
      • Level appropriate marks/emblems
      • A grab bag which will grant you one level appropriate item
      • Grab Bag may contain item which range in rarity from uncommon to very rare; no batteries.
  • Commodities Broker Hosa is no longer missing their headshot upon mission acceptance.
  • Federation Mirror Universe mission “The Other Side” has been updated:
    • Destroy Docked Battleships should have a progress number (0/3) so users know their mission progress
  • Federation Cardassian Mission “Cage of Fire” has been updated:
    • True Way Cardassians in the cave all have hoods.
    • Fixed a potential issue where people could scan the flames in the fire cave before they were actually there.
    • Made some updates to AI pathing in the cave so Bridge Officers are less likely to try and take a lava bath.
    • The mission text tells the player that the mission map TD-071944 is in the Vanden Sector of the Zeta Andromedae Sector Block.
  • Several anomaly and star cluster map issues have been resolved:
    • Fixed misplaced (in ground) objective items on map of Phi Mu 128. Also updated anomalies and fixed their placement.
    • Players should no longer spawn in asteroids when entering exploration sectors
    • Certain star cluster missions were titled {genesis.mapdesc} instead of its proper name. This has been resolved.
    • Moved some misplaced (underground) objectives on Klingon star cluster map.
    • Fixed several bad anomalies for scanning on Klingon and Federation ground star cluster maps.
    • Adjusted some text errors in Klingon star cluster maps.
  • The cross faction mission “The Vault” has been updated:
    • Added a missing line break when scanning the Derelict ship for the science optional objective.
    • Added an FX tail to the asteroid fragment as part of the engineering optional objective.
  • The cross faction mission “Everything Old is New Again” has been updated:
    • Enemy patrols will now more reliably attack the player if attacked or if they spot the player.
  • Fixed several typos and structure errors in offer dialog for daily PVP missions.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of another UGC character immediately after creating one of a different faction.

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