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General[edit | edit source]

  • Updated repulsor tractor beam fx to completely travel to the target.
  • Franklin Drake is now wearing an actual section 31 costume.
  • Added death sound effects to Gekli death effects.
  • Updated the interact ranges on the ships in battle group omega to prevent interact spam on warp in.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Terradome Updates:
    • DS9 Ground - Adjusted the final Undine spaws (the third wave) the final encounters no longer have Captain, or Commander Rank Unidine in them so they should be much easier to kill.
    • Undine Base - Took out 30% of the trash mob Undine you fight on the way down to the boss chamber.
    • Boss Room:
      • Mission will now automatically complete the Save Sulu/Save Jevek part. The real Sulu/Jevek will now just watch the fight. There is still a battle going on with fake Sulus/Jeveks but the real one is out of harms way. Kill the fake ones until the Commader shows up, boss fight now insues.
      • Boss Adds have been cut by 50%, and they no longer respawn immediatley after you kill one. They will respawn after they die and 90 seconds has passed.
      • Boss Room reset is now working again. If you die (and choose to respawn) you will respawn outside of the room and have to wait until everyone fighting the boss has died. You can avoid this by getting someone in the room to rez you.
      • If the whole team dies and respawns, the Boss Fight will now reset, you no longer have to completely leave the map to restart the Boss fight.
  • Mission progression will no longer break if the player minimizes the dialog window upon entering the mess hall of the Rapier, in the mission "Rapier."
  • The final battle in "State of Q" no longer disappears if the player was defeated.

When NPC allies despawn from combat in Brea III ground ("Cutting the Cord"), their pets (turrets, targs) despawn as well.

  • Moved an underground anomaly in Vhoran ground map.
  • The patrol on Fvillhaih system patrol has been set to level 27.
  • Updated Great Bloom System to have waypoints for Thalaron radiation and for the Warwick in the mission "Ghost Ship."
  • Resolved an issue with diplomacy checks in dialog for "Everything Old is New" contacts Lt. Myers and Lt. Simien.
  • Added waypoints to various mission stages for "Divide et Impera" in the Vendor Station section.
  • The Kinjun system map level has been set to 30.
  • Moved an anomaly on Kinjun ground map to a scannable location.
  • Fixed an interact that had no interact text in the Dimorus system ("S'harien's Swords")
  • Added waypoints for the large Rubindium asteroids that the player must destroy in the Teneebia System.
  • Any Klingon players that inadvertently received a Crystalline Entity FA mission that they couldn’t turn in will now be auto completed.
  • Slid the admiral's office on K7 so it doesn't look like she's in the shipyard
  • Added ambient audio to ship requisitions in ESD
  • Players can now leave the TOS interior from the transporter bay
  • Added more ambient audio to the TOS interior

FX[edit | edit source]

  • Updated repulsor tractor beam fx to completely travel to the target.
  • Increased the reliability of the warp effects
  • Removed black outline from attack pattern omega callout icon.
  • Adjusted art for cover shield so that it doesnt clip into the ground.

UGC[edit | edit source]

  • Players should now be able to utilize an appearing and disappearing holodeck as detailed below.

Starbase UGC Tutorial Fade-in and out

  • The Santos System door in the Alpha Trianguli Sector Block should no longer be available as a UGC door
  • TOS Klingons will no longer filter as enemies of Klingon faction players in the UGC editor.
  • The saber costume that was introduced to the Foundry last week has been removed.
  • Added Romulan Captain encounters
  • Increased the reliability of the "Become a Reviewer" button
  • Improved foundry editing stability

C-Store[edit | edit source]

  • The Bajoran Militia costume set will be available after 10:00AM PST! Make sure to check out our C-Store Page for more information

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