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General[edit | edit source]

  • Starfleet captains can now craft their own Delta Flyers!
    • Hail Commander Naomi Wildman to pick up a special mission, which will require you to perform a repeatable daily mission for her.
    • Proceed to Memory Alpha after you've completed the daily enough times to finish the mission in order to craft your flyer!
  • Anomalies should all group into the same "Take All" window after scanning now.
  • You can now craft Mk 6, 8, and 10 blue consoles. The old mk 6 and mk 9 consoles have been removed and replaced. This means you can have crafted consoles for your Captain-rank characters now.
  • The mininacelles should appear on the Prometheus when in MVAM
  • The borg deflector dish will now align properly on to all dish arrays.
  • All chairs that are enabled for “sitting in chairs” are now interactable by clicking on them.
  • This means there is no longer a button on the side of your screen. For example, you simply click your captain’s chair to sit in it.
  • All cloaked ships can no longer interact with interactable objectives in PvP
  • Previously a small number of cloak types were allowing interaction
  • The UI exploit that that allowed players to improperly place items on their character and ship has been resolved.
  • The Reman Bridge Officer is no longer available for completing the Romulan Featured Episode Arc.
  • The Prometheus going into MVAM should no longer decloak ships or put the Prometheus in combat.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Updated some of the end text to various missions in the Pico system.
  • Added an interaction check to the Rhi system door, so it only appears for players who are on the mission or on a team with someone who has the mission active.
  • Encounter spawns in the Hfihar system patrol are now Romulan ships, which matches the mission text.
  • Vendor System was mislabeled as "Vendor Sector" on Alpha Centauri sector block map
  • The headshot for Ekanath Malik on Chiron II has been repaired on the second dialogue screen, it was previously blank.
  • Romulan plague victims on Rashana ground will no longer accidentally spawn as Starfleet NPC’s
  • The science specific objective in “Cutting the Cord” is no longer interactable after the first successful use.
  • Updated klingon episode “Bringing Down the House” so that the batleth tournament on forcas works reliably and consistently.

FX[edit | edit source]

  • Tuned the FX for warp in and warp out.
  • Warp FX will now appear properly on ships with more than two nacelles.
  • Fixed the issue that caused ablative armor to only play once.
  • The warp effect issue on the tier 5 escort has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with tractor beams not fully extending to the target.
  • Generic factions should now use generic knives.
  • Hirogen should now use generic knives.
  • The cup in the bloodwine emote should appear again.
  • Transporter FX now continue to play on the core of players and NPC’s in the second half of the beam out process. This update makes the effect more in line with the IP
  • Gekli have a new death effect.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Carrier Attack Pet AI:
  • Attack pets will break off and momentarily attack a different target if their primary target cloaks
  • Attack pets should no longer fly toward a spawn point if their primary target is destroyed
  • Attack pets can now be affected by Scramble Sensors
  • Beam Fire at Will:
    • Improved Fire at Will to attack up to two targets per weapon.
    • One fires at the primary target, while the other attacks a different random target within arc.
    • This is compared to Cannon Scatter Volley that attacks up to three targets per weapon. One fires at the primary target, while the other two fire at different targets closest to the attacker within arc.
  • Scorpion Fighters:
    • Reduced cooldown of Scorpion Fighters to 60 Seconds from 180.
    • Reduced the amount of Scorpion Fighters to 3 from 5. Per Launch allowing a total of 6 out instead of 10.
  • Cloaking Tractor Beam Mines:
    • Recharge time has been reduced to 45 seconds from 50.
    • Added a 45 second global cooldown
    • Made them Unique. (Current users that have multiple Tractor Beam Mines equipped will benefit by switching to another type of mine or weapon type due to the new 45 second global cooldown)
    • Reduced the amount that each Spread and Trail Dispersal patterns drop.
    • Spreads now launch 5, 7, 9. From 6, 10, 14. Trails now launch 5, 7, 9 from 8, 12, 16.
    • Basic launch will now launch 3 instead of 4.
    • The tractor beam once activated will last for 7 second then explode the mine.
    • The strength of the Tractor Beam has been slightly reduced.
  • Reduced the stack limit allowed to be deployed from 3 to 1 for each type of Mine Spread and Mine Trail Power.
  • The bug where diplomatic core powers would get removed from your power tray and the recharge time would reset is fixed.

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