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Release notes/20110202

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General[edit | edit source]

  • Earth Space Dock has received an overhaul to its interior.
  • Fixed Dreadnought Galaxy cloaking device color
  • Tellarite Species – Upped the maximum allowed height to account for more variety in the species.
  • Players can now view and purchase C-Store costumes and ships directly from their respective tailors.
  • Torpedo audio has been cleaned up.
  • If another player's location is empty (i.e. map transferring) then the social tables will now show "Unknown" instead of a “blank cell."
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when a mouse-down and mouse up happens in the same frame while dragging your cursor.
  • Corrected an issue where some players would get a “bags are full” message when their bags were not full.
  • 1 hour XP boosts have been added as low percentage drops to all space kills, ground kills, and minigame wins.
  • The reward scale for winning the scan mini-game has been adjusted to ensure there is a consistent rarity across Tech, Science and Energy anomalies.
  • Klingon players now have access to the Psi Velorum Sector Block.
  • Pressing escape while the "Defeated!" window is up no longer removes the window and the ability to respawn.
  • Fixed the issue with the TOS Type 3 phaser shooting at it’s previous target.
  • Fixed a bug with saucer separation that called two saucers during the re-docking animation.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • The Romulan space and ground critter group has been updated visually and systematically in anticipation of the Romulan Featured Episodes.
  • The runabout HP now scales with level. (All current and future shuttles will behave this way).
  • The combat log dialogue for plasma fire has been updated. It will now read “Target takes X Plasma Damage from Plasma Grenade Fire”.
  • Updated the Tachyon Deflector Arrays to fix a few bugs with level ranges, quality, mks, icons, and rank requirements.
  • Updated all the Polaron Phase Modulator Consoles to fix various bugs that included incorrect Mk's, levels, ranks, icons, level ranges, and all qualities are now tradeable.
  • Updated Aegis 2pc set bonus to be a flat 5% so players will get a total of 10% Bonus Defense by using the Engine.
  • Starship Mines skill:
    • Fixed incorrect text that described unlocking Dispersal Pattern Alpha III to the correct text of unlocking Dispersal Pattern Beta III.
  • Damage Resistance Abilities:
    • No longer receive an improvement from damage buff abilities (like attack patterns).
  • Feedback Pulse:
    • No longer receives an improvement to reflected damage from a damage buff abilities, but would still inflict more damage upon a target that has a damage resistance debuff.
  • Tyken's Rift:
    • Remains active even if its initial target is destroyed.
  • Beam Overload:
    • Updated description text to remove mention of taking beam weapons offline, which was an old side effect that no longer applies.
  • Engineering Team, Science Team, and Tactical Team:
    • Fixed issue that caused buffs to be removed with debuffs for certain abilities.
  • Defense Values:
    • Reduced maximum Defense from speed from 50% to 45%.
    • Evasive Maneuvers now grants a 9%, 12%, or 15% Defense (versions I, II, III) as long as the ship is moving at a minimal speed.
    • Escort/Raider/Raptor innate Defense set to 10% max. The Defense bonus is tied to the ship's speed, but reaches the max bonus at average speeds.
  • Sensor Analysis:
    • Sensor Analysis is a new passive power that science vessels receive.
      • While maintaining a target selection lock on an enemy within 10k, a stacking buff to the science vessel's weapons and subsystem targeting will build to a maximum 10 stack over ~60 seconds against that target.
      • Each scan stack adds a 3.33% buff, maxing at 33.3%. Switching targets has a very high chance of removing the buff, so target swapping or having your sensors jammed will reset the stack.
      • Carriers do not receive this power. Only pure science ships gain the sensor analysis buff.
  • Shield Damage Removal:
    • Shield power now provides 10% more shield damage removal at max power (35% at 125 shield power, or .28% per point).
    • Each power that provided shield damage removal has been reduced as follows: Version I by 6%, Version II by 8%, Version III by 10%.
  • Extend Shields:
    • Increased range from 5k to 7.5k.
    • The power is maintained over the duration. If the target leaves the 7.5k max range, the buff will drop while out of range. If the target comes back into range, the buff will be restored.
    • The visual beam fx remains up to help the target know where the extend shield is coming from, while the extra shield ring fx is only active when the buff is present.
  • Vo'quv Carrier:
    • Reduced To'Duj fighters down to three wings of 3, rather than four wings of 3 (9 per hanger, instead of 12).
    • Reduced the hull strength of the Bird-of-Prey, but retained their current number of 3 per hanger.
    • Altered the Vo'quv power bonus to +10 Auxiliary, instead of +5 Weapons and +5 Auxiliary.
    • The shields of the carrier have been tuned down.
    • Carrier pet launch rate is now tied to the Auxiliary power level.
    • If a ship receives an Auxiliary Offline debuff, the hangers will not function and any hanger in recharge will pause its recharge timer until the Auxiliary Offline debuff is removed.
  • Emergency Dampeners: Reduced duration to 10 seconds; Removed Repel immunity.
  • Gravity Well:
    • Reduced force of pull slightly, to allow for occasional escape of carrier pets and full engine power starship escape
    • Improved kinetic damage slightly, as targets of well are spending more time at a further distance from center (damage based on distance)
    • Gravity Well no longer expires upon the death of its main target. It now correctly expires based on its duration, or having no targets within its area of effect.
  • Attack Pattern Omega:
    • Added Disable immunity for its duration
  • Borg Assimilate Ship:
    • Tactical Team now removes this debuff.
  • Tricobalt Torpedoes and Mines:
    • Torpedoes now apply a Disable with a duration between 2-4 seconds, based on projectiles, torpedoes, and tricobalt skill.
    • Mines now apply a Disable with a duration between 4-8 seconds, based on projectiles, mines, and tricobalt skill.
      • As the Disable expires, Emergency Dampeners apply as an immunity and cleanse for Disable debuffs for 15 seconds.
      • Tricobalt hits now add stun immunity to its targets for 15 seconds after use.
  • Photonic Shockwave:
    • Now applies a Repel with a Disable debuff, instead of Knockback.
    • The Disable lasts between 2-4 seconds, based on Operations, Emitters, and Photonic Theory skills.
    • As the Disable expires, Emergency Dampeners apply as an immunity and cleanse for Disable debuffs for 15 seconds.
    • Photonic Shockwave now adds knockback immunity to its targets for 8 seconds after use.
  • Intrepid Ablative Armor:
    • Reduced duration from 30 to 15 seconds, but also reduced recharge from 300 to 180 seconds.
  • The Auxiliary power bonus on science vessels has been Increased from +10 Auxiliary to +15 Auxiliary.
  • The Subnucleonic Beam speed recharge debuff no longer stacks. Only the strongest debuff will apply at any given time.
  • Added Feedback Pulse II to the power stores. Its previous ommission was an oversight.
  • Updated Tactical Team:
    • Duration of 10 seconds
    • Added automated shield strength distribution over duration
    • Removed Crew healing
  • Made available beam target subsystem I abilities to tactical bridge officers using an ensign slot.
    • These abilities are available at the power trainer.

UI[edit | edit source]

  • The in game font has been updated.
  • The Atari Token art is replacing the cryptic token art in the tailors and the C-store. For more information on Atari Tokens please visit this FAQ.
  • In the Fleet Bank, right-click menu options ("Discard", "Equip") are now disabled if player doesn't have Fleet Withdraw permission for items.
  • Fixed the right-click behavior in Sector Space; right click will now show the standard character menu (same as system space).

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Stranded in Space has been updated with cut scenes and new class specific optional objectives

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • There are edge case scenarios with the in tailor C-Store transactions:
    • If you queue up three or more purchases at a time and at the final confirmation screen you don’t purchase them in order, one or more of the transactions could fail.
    • If you queue up multiple purchases from the same pack, any additional transactions may fail at the final confirmation screen.
      • For example, if you queue up the T’pol outfit, Mirror Universe Outfit, and the Enterprise Era Bundle Pack, and purchase the T’pol uniform followed by the Enterprise Era Bundle Pack the Bundle Pack will Fail.
    • If a transaction fails you will not be charged and you will not receive the item.
    • If a transaction fails you can either re-enter the tailor and make your purchase again, or simply enter the normal C-store and make your purchases.

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