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General[edit | edit source]

  • Enable player chat updates for PvP maps. (Join and Leave chat messages)
  • Fixes to belt clipping with orion uniforms.
  • Added sound effect to play if interact window appears with details in sector space.
  • Moved the cooldown timer on the mission display to be smaller and in the bottom right corner; now the name should not overlap unless it is very long.
  • Fixed the "Rank" display of friends and Fleet members.
  • Fixed the display of offline Fleet members in the main Fleet window.
  • Added the ability to double-click on succeeded missions to turn them in.
  • Added sorting for ""Ready To Turn In"" missions. Put these missions in their own category at the top of the in progress mission list.
  • Entity Info popup - fixed problem with positioning Bridge Officer bios (fleet info does not exist for BOffs) and the overlap of information in space.
  • Fix for an issue with the chat window stealing mouse input from other windows that were in front and overlapping it.
  • Updated Catian species Trait, "Feline Instincts", description.
    • Description incorrectly claimed it granted a Dodge bonus to Ranged attacks.
    • The Dodge Bonus applies to all attacks.
    • Also, the description claimed the trait granted an Exploit Damage - this was not true. Feline Instincts never granted an exploit damage bonus.
  • Empty rows in the ship selection window will no longer display an "invalidentityname" tooltip.
  • Updated the "Maximum starships" tooltip in the C-Store to be more informative.
  • A minor typo in the Klingon Destroyer skill has been resolved.
  • The research UI will now display how many of each item you can 'buy'.
  • All Klingon Tier 5 skills have been updated to say "Klingon General" instead of "Klingon Admiral".
  • The bug that prevented some players from swapping between their regular and offduty costumes outside of the tailor has been resolved.
  • The maximum possible number of items the player can create of a selected item in the crafting store is now displayed.
  • The case where players would join a chat channel when they weren't supposed to has been resolved.

Missions[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed accolade for scanning asteroid in the Aelas system (Romulan hub).
  • Update to CRD deep space encounter maps:
    • Fixed several misfiring mission assignments.
    • Made sure that text matched ship types.
    • Made sure that all DSE missions had a reward scale.
  • Added a waypoint to the maintenance lift at end of "Ghosts and Shadows" mission in Drozana station environmental maintenance levels.
  • Added respawn points to patrol missions in Hfihar System and Ra'kholh System.
  • The Aido system patrol that could not be completed has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with Failure condtiion on the KDF Eriksson Mission.
  • Fixing a texture swap on a moon that was causing issues with low end video cards.
  • Increased level of the Prophet in Strange Readings.
  • Updated animations on all qonos npcs to avoid popping between animation states.
  • It should now take 5 torpedoes to kill the Doomsday device instead of 3.
  • There's a small new accolade in the Azura rescue mission "Stranded in Space." Try your episode replay and see if you can find it!

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Latinum Ship Tropies in the Latinum Store can be purchased, but the item will not be received. We're working on a fix now. For now, please do not attempt to purchase this item.

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