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General[edit | edit source]

  • Klingon bridge officer seating has been improved
  • The radius of the warp in audio has been increased.
  • Made the "Needs of the Many" mission undroppable so it can't be farmed for unlimited Shield Generators.
  • Fixed the power description for Grappler
  • Fixed STO-STO-24539 - removed suplicate plasma ball from undine cruiser.
  • Added notes to science officer's dialogue in Quarantine about replicator in the back of science lab.
  • Added a waypoint to the embassy on Regulus IV for the Kuva'magh mission.
  • The Crafting set and the Borg set are now in game. Borg themed items can be earned through STF’s and replaying the mission “Assimilation”. Crafting items can be created in the faction specific crafting stores.
  • Fixed DS9 fleet action door to resolve issue where players between levels 29 and 41 might have seen two entry points for fleet action.
  • Drastically decreased mudd sector merchant's yell distance to decrease on spam contacts in sector space
  • Updated tarsen boss fight logic to not require you to kill minions first in order to make the flow better
  • Changed success condition on “Salvage Dispute (Repeatable)” personal mission so that it will succeed and fail properly.
  • Increased the stats of the Mk X Rare Beam console, Mk 11 Rare beam console, Mk 11 Uncommon Tricobalt console, and Mk 12 Uncommon Tricobalt console so they fall in line with proper console progression.
  • The camera angle is now more appropriate when you're sitting in your captain's chair.
  • The occasional crash at the end of the Devidian mission “Skirmish” has been fixed.
  • The “server not responding” errors that were occurring on map move have been addressed.
  • The KDF transport missions will now properly fail if the player fails the mission.
  • The blocking issue in cold case has been fixed.
  • Added 3 new value recipes for Very Rare Mk X Aegis items.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • The Aegis impulse engine effect gets excessively long when you are at full impulse.

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