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General Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Clicking the new Badge button on the inventory as well as in the status window was crashing some clients. We've put in a fix to address this bug. It should now be safe to click this new UI element, but please report the bug if you are still having the issue.
  • The lens flare FX that was added was missing some key files which resulted in them rendering as ugly hexagons. We are removing these for now until they are back to looking pretty.
  • There was a bug in using powers on your power tray that would cause powers to not fire consistently or to interrupt powers you intended to queue up. We have address the issue where powers with a cooldown were interrupting previous powers you requested, and looking into additional fixes to make power queuing multiple powers in a row more reliable.
  • Klingon and some Federation repeatable Deepspace missions were not completing properly and the mission timer was not working as intended. The repeat timer now starts from the time the mission was taken and missions should no longer get stuck on 2/3 completion.
  • There was a restriction in place for Klingon daily PVP missions that would block some players from being able to take the mission. We've removed these restrictions so that all Klingon players of the appropriate level can take these daily missions 22 hours from the last time they took the mission.
  • The new Klingon mission to secure the Borg Sector was not progressing properly and should now work as intended.
  • We added more wandering enemies to the Mylassa sector.
  • Some VO help tips had gotten mixed up and were playing in the wrong spots and are now fixed.

STF “Infected” Updates[edit | edit source]

  • The Tactical Cube in the first space section will sometimes go into regeneration mode and not fight back as it should. As such the Marks of Valor that were being given out by defeating the Tactical Cube have been moved onto the final Boss until we are certain the Tactical Cube is working as intended.
  • In the last section of Infected, players were getting stuck behind the force field door even after the Boss was eliminated. Some players also were finding ways to respawn the Boss. Once the Boss is down, she will no longer respawn and the doors will allow defeated players back into the room.

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