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Release Notes[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a crash that was happening often on high traffic social maps like Earth Space Dock.
  • Made some improvements to ease lag during peak play times. We will continue to monitor and are working on additional performance increases.
  • It has been very difficult to find rare anomalies in Star Clusters. We have put in a fix to ensure that all anomalies have a better chance of being scanned and discovered. This should also help improve Memory Alpha trade.
  • Lower level repeatable missions no longer show on your remote contact options unless you are in the area where they take place. For example, if you are in Cardassian space, you will no longer see Grall in your remote contacts asking you if you want to explore Delta Volanis.
  • Crystalline Entity is no longer located at sector XXX, system YYY. We now tell you the proper sector block to find the Fleet Action in.
  • There was a UI bug with the Science Bridge Officer power “Dampening Field I” in the skills window. Based on the skills UI, it looked like the skill had been incorrectly training into the Commander-rank slot instead of the LT Commander slot. If this has happened to you, you may not have two powers. We are working on a future automated fix which will clear this up. Additionally, we are working on another version of Dampening Field which will be a Commander power which will be introduced into the game in a future patch, and we’ll remove the LT Commander version from the store at that time.
  • Some players had acquired ships that were not slotting properly as ships and showing up as bridge officers instead. A fix has been put in that will fix these characters up when they log in.
  • Pre-order bonus TOS Federation uniforms now come with skirt options.
  • Added missing files to improve French and German translations of game text.
  • The Borg were showing up in the B’Tran Star Cluster in missions they should not have had access to, which lead to un-Borg like mission text and behaviors. If you do encounter the Borg in this Star Cluster, the mission will be more appropriate.
  • Auto-teaming was not working properly in some sectors. We’ve addressed this issue so that auto-teaming should now function across all sectors.
  • Some players were not getting credit for defeating the Doomsday Machine in the Imaga System. This mission has been updated so that all players should have credit for completing the mission regardless of whether they closed the last mission dialog box or not.
  • Two new Video Options were added in the prior patch to help deal with overheating issues: Limit Frame Rate and Reduce CPU/GPU Usage. These are available under Options | Video | Advanced | Troubleshooting.
  • Frame Rate defaults are now limited to 60fps.
  • Also released in the last patch, players who had purchased Pre-Order costume bonuses may now apply those bonus costumes to their bridge officers.
  • Ramming Speed was updated to cap modifiers based on speed of ramming ship. We also improved the damage formula to use the smaller vessel's HP as the base, modified by speed and size ratio between both ships involved. In general, ramming similar or smaller sized ships can be tactically beneficial, ramming larger ships becomes a self-sacrificing last resort.
  • Emergency Power to Engines - When used in a specific sequence with Evasive Maneuvers, the speed modifier from this ability was improperly applied so that it was multiplied by Evasive Maneuvers. It should no longer matter which order you use these two abilities in - they will stack, but not multiply.

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