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  • We've removed the code that unequips items when you drag a power off of your power bar. Note that the only way to return these powers to your power bar is to have the item equipped, then open your power list (the datapad icon on your power tray) and drag the power icon back to where you want it.
  • We've added a fix to address transactions that were taking longer than expected on the latest release. This should improve issues where players reported their weapons getting swapped constantly.
  • Video setting defaults were being miscalculated improperly for some cards. We've made an update to address this. If you log in and your video settings are not as you expected, Go into the Options - Video menu and select Restore Defaults. If it is still not to your liking, you can use the basic and advanced settings to adjust your video resolution and display features.
  • PvP Queuing systems have been updated so that they will refresh more reliably.
  • Addressed reported issues of zone chat and custom chat channels not working properly or being disallowed due to zone name length.
  • We've fixed several bugs that are responsible for the majority of the gameserver crashes on this new release. Instances should play more reliably now.
  • Added mail locations to QoNos so that Klingon players can send and receive mail with attached items
  • Repeatable Star Cluster missions now grant exploration rewards.
  • Addressed an issue where Star Cluster anomalies were too scarce or not respawning fast enough as well as lowered the maximum number of ships per Star Cluster Instance. Exploration should now uncover more unknown systems!
  • Space Weapons Cannons: Removed the limitation that prevented you from firing two cannons simultaneously. They still have a 1 second shared cooldown, which has a very similar impact. Fixed a subset of cannons that were not following this behavior.
  • BOff Abilities: Cannon Rapid Fire: This ability was cancelling itself after one shot, like other attack upgrade abilities. However, this is supposed to last for a duration and improve all cannon attacks for that period. Fixed so that it no longer cancels itself.
  • Addressed the issue in the Korvat system where if the user cancelled the mission dialog, you could not progress the mission. Note that there may be additional similar issues in other systems. If you find one of these, please bug it. To fix, you may need to use the "Depart System" button on your MiniMap, and then continue the mission again. If that fail, drop and retake the mission.
  • Added mission text explaining changes to Klingon PvE objectives.
  • Addressed an FX issue on the Ghost Ship that made the map unplayable once the player initiated the dimension shift.

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