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Common Ground Device
Bind On Pickup

Rebreathers protect crew from toxic environments that do not require a full EV suit to be worn.
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Rebreathers are ground devices that enable your character and away team to withstand toxic atmospheres. In contrast to a full environmental suit, rebreathers are just devices and, thus, do not require to unequip your Body Armor. However, they cannot protect from other kinds of extreme environments as EV suits can.

Originally introduced to Star Trek Online for the toxic atmospheres of Elachi ship interiors during the Romulan Republic mission-chain Vengeance, 5 rebreathers are awarded for completing the mission “The Best Defense”. Rebreathers can also be obtained during the mission “What's Left Behind”.

Missions[edit | edit source]

The following missions require a rebreather device (alternatively, EV suits may be used):

Rebreathers can also sometimes be used instead of EV suits in missions such as “New Romulus: The Power Source”.

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