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Reactive Armor Catalysts Pack

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Reactive Armor Catalyst[edit | edit source]

Reactive Armor Catalyst icon (Federation).png Reactive Armor Catalyst icon (Klingon).png Reactive Armor Catalyst icon (Romulan).png No icon (TOS Federation).png

The Reactive Armor Catalyst is a common consumable single-use device that provides a temporary increase to a starship hit points and hull regeneration. Reactive Armor Catalysts are consumed on use, share cooldowns with batteries, and benefit from the starship batteries skill.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Temporary HP and Hull Regeneration

  • +2,100 Hit Points over 10 seconds
  • +5,525 Temporary Hit Points for 10 seconds

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Reactive Armor Catalyst can be obtained upon completion of “Broken Circle”. Selection of Reactive Armor Catalyst Pack as mission reward enables Engineering School the ability to craft the device.

Skills that modify Item[edit | edit source]