Raveh II

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Faction Neutral.pngRaveh II

Raveh II orbit.jpg
Raveh II from orbit

Raveh System
Raveh Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Raveh II surface.jpg
Surface of Raveh II

Raveh II is the second planet of the Raveh System and, although it has no moon, its close companion Raveh I can be seen from the surface. There is a hidden Preserver star chart located on the planet and the Deferi maintain an archaeological dig site.

The light from its two suns should make Raveh II much warmer than it actually is, but a thick layer of theta radiation in the upper atmosphere reflects much of the energy from the stars, keeping average surface temperatures on the planet low. More than 70 percent of the landmass of Raveh II is covered with snow and ice for the majority of the solar year.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Cold Comfort”: In the Raveh System the player encounters a disabled Deferi ship seeking medical assistance. The crew have repelled a Breen Confederacy boarding party and have taken several prisoners. After providing medical assistance, the player interrogates H'ren Tran, one of the captured Breen, who reveals the existence of a discontent faction within the Breen's military and asks for asylum with the player's faction.
  • “Cold Case”: The player returns to the Raveh System, being directed by clues left behind by the Preservers on various systems in the Orellius Sector Block. The Breen have already arrived and a battle ensues. Eventually, the complete star chart is assembled and Thot Par is killed.

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