Raveh I

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Faction Neutral.pngRaveh I

Raveh I orbit.jpg
Raveh I from orbit

one (unnamed)
Raveh System
Raveh Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Raveh I is the uninhabited first planet on the Raveh System. It has a single moon and is marked by its ring as well as a star-shaped geological formation on its surface.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Cold Comfort”: The crew of a Deferi Frigate has captured a Breen Confederacy boarding party but several crewmembers have been injured and need the player's medical attention. An interrogation of the captured Breen revealsStarfleet and the Klingon Empire the existence of a discontent faction withing the Breen's military. H'ren Tran, one of them, asks for asylum.
  • “Cold Case”: The player returns to the Raveh System, being directed by clues left behing by the Preservers on various systems in the Orellius Sector Block. The Breen have already arrived and a battle ensues. Eventually, the complete star chart is assembled and Thot Par is killed.

Gallery[edit | edit source]