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The quality of an item (sometimes also referred to as rarity or color) in Star Trek Online indicates not only how rare it is to find it in-game, but in many cases it represents how many modifiers an item has. The color of the item's name represents the quality. These can be seen when viewing an item's tooltip pop-up, from the color of linked items in the chat window, or the type of item container from a drop. On item tooltips it generally also prints out the quality in word format, normally on the second line; for example, the second line of an item may say “Rare Ship Engineering Console”. The greater the item quality, the more modifiers the item has, and the more damage it does.

Quality Levels[edit | edit source]

Quality Overlay Notes
Common icon.png
Uncommon icon.png
Rare icon.png
Very Rare
Very rare icon.png
This is the highest quality available from item containers and the quality that most high end items are obtained at.
Ultra Rare
Ultra rare icon.png
Sometimes called "ultraviolet" quality. Only normally available on fleet and special crafted items. Other gear can be upgraded to this quality.
Epic icon.png
This quality includes levelless consoles and other items. Other gear can be upgraded to this quality. Prior to the release of Delta Rising, it was known as Unique.

Unique Items[edit | edit source]

Unique items are limited to a single copy of the item per character. Unique items can be of any level of quality ranging from Common to Epic. Some items are listed as Unique as a part of their description, whereas others are de facto Unique items since they can be obtained only once from Missions or the C-Store. Most of the pre-order bonus items are de facto Unique items.

See Also[edit | edit source]

  • Mark levels - The level of an item related its capabilities and the rank required for a player to use the item.
  • Gear Upgrade System - Which can be used to improve the quality of an item