Q's Ornament: Avalanche!

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Avalanche! icon.png
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Q's Ornament: Avalanche!
Epic Ground Device
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Creates Snowman Defense. Useful for Completing "Tides of Ice" event.
Usable only in Q's Winter Wonderland
Creates snow-boulder attack from above! Will damage and knock back multipul snowmen.
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png

The Q's Ornament: Avalanche! is a type of Ground Device acquired exclusively in Q's Winter Wonderland.

This tiny ornament reacts to Q's power within the Winter Wonderland, causing it to release a bombardment of giant snowballs from high in the sky.

This weapon only functions while visiting Q's Winter Wonderland.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Q's Ornament: Avalanche! is a Ground Weapon obtained from the Holiday Item Vendor in Q's Winter Wonderland.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Snowball Strike

The avalance calls in a giant bombardment of snow from the sky. This item only functions when used in Q's Winter Wonderland.

Targets Foe
30.48 meter Range
4 sec activate
2 min recharge
Giant snow-boulder attack from above! Will damage and knock multiple snowmen.