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Player versus player

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Player versus Player (also abbreviated to PvP) in Star Trek Online is a format of gameplay that involves players of both the Klingon Empire and Federation factions (each including players of the Romulan Republic allied with one or the other) fighting amongst each other. PvP queues can be accessed via the Mission Journal, with battles taking place on instanced cross-faction battlegrounds and open War Zones. There are both space and ground PvP-battlefields of different types, each rewarding dilithium Dilithium Ore icon.png when a battleground is concluded and by completing different PvP quests.

Maps and battle types[edit | edit source]

There are two general types of PvP maps in Star Trek Online: War Zones and instanced battlegrounds. War Zones are continuous, open maps, which permit PvP between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, while both also fight the Borg. Aside from these, PvP only takes place on instanced battlegrounds, on which cross-faction groups fight each other. Specific Federation vs Klingon PvP can still be organised via private battleground queues.

For instanced battleground-PvP there are currently 8 maps available divided among three game types:

Instanced battlegrounds
Name Region Type
Assimilated Cruiser QueueGround.png Ground Arena
Deserted Facility QueueGround.png Ground Arena
Ghost Ship QueueGround.png Ground Arena
Shanty Town QueueGround.png Ground Assault
Solar Wind QueueSpace.png Space Arena
Cracked Planetoid QueueSpace.png Space Arena
Cracked Planetoid QueueShuttle.png Space Smallcraft Arena
Briar Patch QueueSpace.png Space Arena
Salvage Operation QueueSpace.png Space Capture and Hold

To win an arena one side has to reach a number of kills, whereas (ground) assaults and (space) capture and holds require your team to complete the given map tasks or to reduce the enemy squadron's influence to zero, respectively.

PvP queues[edit | edit source]

PvP queues can be accessed from the Mission Journal

PvP queues can be accessed from the Mission Journal or by clicking the triangle button ("More") at the top-right of the screen, and selecting PvP Queues. Alternatively, the PvP queues may also be accessed through sector space at the respective battle sites (see Arena, Capture and Hold and Assault for list of systems).

Both public and private PvP matches count towards the daily missions. Squad support is turned off and injuries are disabled.

Public Private
Min. Players to Start 8-10 2
Max. Players Allowed 20
Min. Level Within Rank (5,10,20,30,40,50,60) 5
Max. Level Within Rank (9,19,29,39,49,59,60) 60

Public Queues[edit | edit source]

PvP public queues

Public queues are the first menu seen and require eight to ten players to start with up to 20 in a queue. To queue up, select the PvP and press the Join Queue button on bottom right. Queues are split by rank:

  • Levels 5-9
  • Levels 10-19
  • Levels 20-29
  • Levels 30-39
  • Levels 40-49
  • Levels 50-59
  • Level 60

A player can join an instance already in progress (Join Queue, Join Any Game) or wait until a new match starts (Join Queue, Join New Game).

Arenas are set to 15 kills, assaults to 52 bypassed security layers, and capture and hold to 1200 influence.

Private Queues[edit | edit source]

Challenge, or PvP private queue

Private queues, or challenges, can be created that can hold up to two teams of 5 (20 players) and requires five players to start. To do so, click the Challenge button then Invite button to add players. They can then select which team they are on by dragging their name over to the Red or Blue Squadron.

Arenas can be set to 5-100 kills, assaults to 10-300 bypassed security layers, and capture and hold to 100-5000 influence.

PvP queues are accessible at level 5, and are subsequently divided in ten level blocs for access after level ten (See illustration above), in order to facilitate a more even playing field and prevent max-level characters from catching brand new characters underequipped and underprepared in the public queues.

PvP quests[edit | edit source]