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The completed Preserver Star Chart

The Preserver Star Chart was left behind by the Preservers to guide their children races to the location of the Preserver Archive when they advanced enough to understand it. The Star Chart was divided into four parts and spread throughout the area surrounding the Archive site, in what is now Deferi and Breen space.

Chasing The Chart[edit | edit source]

In 2410, Breen Thot Trel learned of the Preserver Archive and sought to gain the contents for himself, beginning a race between the forces under his command and those of the Deferi's allies in the Klingon Empire and the Federation (along with those parties' own allies in the Romulan Republic) with each side seeking to recreate the Star Chart so that they could find and secure the Archive first.

Defera[edit | edit source]

The first piece was discovered in a series of Preserver Ruins on the planet Defera itself, accessed by the Deferi's allies using knowledge of another Preserver site in the Begen System.

S'hinga[edit | edit source]

After following clues hidden in a stellar gas deposit and one of moons in the S'hinga System, the next piece of the Star Chart was found in the remains of a collision between two asteroids.

Manek[edit | edit source]

The Breen reached the Manek System and recovered the next piece of the Star Chart first, resulting in a skirmish between a squadron of Breen frigates and the Deferi's allies. While the Breen were defeated, they managed to transmit the new information on the Star Chart to the rest of their forces. However, the Deferi's allies also recieved the transmission and were able to combine the new information with that they already had to decipher the next location.

Raveh II[edit | edit source]

Breen landing parties had already arrived on Raveh II when the Deferi's allies had landed. After the Breen were subdued, it was discovered that a hollow rock face hid a cave containing the final piece of the Star Chart. Thot Trel sent one of his commanders, Thot Par to battle the Deferi's allies while he gathered the last piece. Thot Par was defeated, allowing the Deferi's allies to complete the Star Chart themselves and learn the location of the Preserver Archive on Lae'nas III.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The mission involving the Preserver Star Chart, “Cold Case”, is similar to the TNG episode "The Chase" which also features a proverbial 'scavenger hunt' leading to a message left behind by the race that had seeded the galaxy with life.
  • After completing the next and final mission in the Breen Invasion, “Cold Storage”, the player recieves a floor trophy of the Preserver Star Chart to display in their mess hall or crew lounge in appropriate ships.

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