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Faction Khitomer.png Preserver Archive

Preserver Obelisk.jpg

Lae'nas III
Lae'nas System
Raveh Sector
Lae'nas III - Obelisk Complex map.png
Map of Preserver Archive interior

The Preserver Archive is a Preserver site on Lae'nas III in the Alpha Quadrant, near Deferi space.

History[edit | edit source]

Before their species became extinct, a number of Preservers established a facility on Lae'nas III where they could enter stasis and wait for the day when their 'children' - the humanoid races that would evolve on worlds that the Preservers had seeded with life - would discover them. This Preserver Archive would fade into mythology along with the Preservers themselves. Stories of the Archive would eventually become part of the Deferi culture in rhymes and songs.

In 2409, the Breen Thot Trel would learn of the Deferi stories and, believing the Preserver Archive to hold ancient weapons, would begin a campaign against the Deferi with the intent of using them to find the Archive.

Missions Involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Cold Storage”: After assembling a Preserver Star Chart from pieces scattered across Deferi space, the player and Thot Trel both are led to Lae'nas III. While the Breen forces make planetfall first, the player is able to discover and reach the Preserver Archive before them to learn that the contents of the Archive are living Preservers held in stasis. When Thot Trel learns that there are no weapons, but that the Archive is the equivient of a library, the player and their away team are forced to defend the Archive from Thot Trel and his forces who attempt to destroy it.
  • “Cold Storage”, Delta Recruit: Guided by their faction's Temporal Agent, the player departs the Preserver Archive to travel back to the beginning of their career and give their younger self the [Tesseract Communications Receiver] before returning to the Archive at the moment they had left.
  • “Blood of Ancients”: In 2410, using information from the New Romulus Gateway, the player follows the Iconian Heralds to the Preserver Archive. Seeking information on the Iconians, the player has the Archivist hologram awaken one of the Preservers from stasis. While the player attempts to defend the Archive and the Preserver, the Preserver is killed by M'Tara and shortly afterwards the Archive itself is destroyed in an orbital bombardment by an Iaidon Dreadnought.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

"Cold Storage"[edit | edit source]

Delta Recruit[edit | edit source]

  • Faction-specific Temporal Agent
* Philip Crey of the Department of Temporal Investigations for Federation players.
* Kail of Romulan Temporal Defense for Romulan players.
* Q'on of Klingon Temporal Intelligence for KDF players.

"Blood of Ancients"[edit | edit source]