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The player in Star Trek Online controls one Character or one of several Starships at a time, with which he or she completes several missions.

Account[edit | edit source]

Players are identifiable by their account. The account has an unique user name and will be used for all forum posts. Also each character can be assigned to an account, as character names are of the form <character name>@<account name>. Sometimes players give their user name as @<account name>.

Characters[edit | edit source]

See also article character.

A default account comes with four character slots, for which the player may create characters from following factions: Federation, TOS Federation, Klingon Defense Force, and Romulan Republic. New character slots can be bought separately at the C-Store.

Any character can have multiple starships to choose from and several accompanying bridge officers.

Terms of use restrictions[edit | edit source]

Via the terms of use, Cryptic Studios prohibits players to

  • share one account between multiple players
  • sell the account to a different player

Thus it should be assumed, that each account belongs to a single natural person, thus misconduct (e.g. by posting profanity on the forums) is usually sanctioned per account.

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