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The player in Star Trek Online controls one Character or one of several Starships at a time, with which he or she completes several missions.

Account[edit | edit source]

Players are identifiable by their account. The account has a unique user name and will be used for all forum posts. Also each character can be assigned to an account, as character names are of the form <character name>@<account name>. Sometimes players give their user name as @<account name>.

Characters[edit | edit source]

See also article character.

A default account comes with four character slots, for which the player may create characters from the following factions: Federation, TOS Federation, DSC Federation, Klingon Defense Force, Romulan Republic and Dominion. New character slots can be bought separately at the C-Store.

Any character can have multiple starships to choose from and several accompanying bridge officers.

Terms of use restrictions[edit | edit source]

Via the terms of use, Cryptic Studios prohibits players to

  • share one account between multiple players
  • sell the account to a different player

Thus it should be assumed, that each account belongs to a single natural person, thus misconduct (e.g. by posting profanity on the forums) is usually sanctioned per account.