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Personal traits are selectable for each player and can be changed in game whenever out of combat. While several Personal traits are available to all characters, many are race-specific, career-specific, or unlockable (via the Research & Development system, lockboxes, or as mission rewards). A visual table of the race-specific personal traits can be found here.

Number of slots and traits[edit | edit source]

Each player starts with 6 personal trait slots, 3 each for ground and for space combat (4 each for Alien characters). The traits contained in these slots can be changed in game whenever out of combat. Until level 60, 2 additional personal trait slots (1 ground, 1 space) are unlocked every 10 levels, resulting in a total of 18 slots (9 ground, 9 space) available at max-level (total of 20 for Alien characters).

The total number of available Personal traits (i.e., the pool from which to fill the slots) is as follow:

Lists of traits[edit | edit source]

Unrestricted Personal traits[edit | edit source]

Several traits are available to every player character.

Ground Assault Training icon.png Field Technician icon.png Pistol Training icon.png Rifle Training icon.png Stubborn icon.png Sure Footed icon.png
Space Accurate icon.png Beam Training icon.png Bulkhead Technician icon.png Cannon Training icon.png Fleet Coordinator icon.png Impact Defense Specialist icon.png Imposing Presence icon.png Innocuous icon.png Molecular Defense Specialist icon.png Operative icon.png Particle Defense Specialist icon.png Projectile Training icon.png Shield Frequency Analyst icon.png Shield Technician icon.png Thrill-seeker icon.png

Race-specific Personal traits[edit | edit source]

Main article: Personal traits/Race-specific Personal traits

Race-specific Personal traits are optionally selectable based on the player's race (not to be confused with the unchangeable, innate species traits). Races available to more than one faction, such as Alien or Liberated Borg, have the same trait choices available regardless of faction.

Career-specific Personal traits[edit | edit source]

Career-specific traits are selectable Personal traits exclusive to each Career path.

Career path Space traits Ground traits
Tactical Crippling Fire icon.png Last Ditch Effort icon.png Situational Awareness icon.png Strike Team Specialist icon.png
Engineering EPS Manifold Efficiency icon.png Grace Under Fire icon.png Nanomolecular Architect icon.png Shield Harmonic Resonance icon.png
Science Conservation of Energy icon.png Photonic Capacitor icon.png Field Researcher icon.png Medical Vanguard icon.png

Unlockable Personal traits[edit | edit source]

Unlockable Personal traits are traits available to players of all factions, which can be unlocked by obtaining a specific Genetic Resequencer Box (either from a lockbox or as a mission reward) or by reaching level 15 in each Research and Development school.

From Lockboxes[edit | edit source]

Unlockable traits can be added to the player's selectable Personal traits via Genetic Resequencers, available as a random drop from Lockboxes and also available from the Exchange.

Lockbox Space traits Ground traits
Tal Shiar Lock Box Helmsman icon.png Precise icon.png Conduit icon.png Disassembler icon.png
Elachi Lock Box Inspirational Leader icon.png Wing Commander icon.png Firearms Specialist icon.png Regenerative Tissue icon.png
Voth Lock Box Tactical: Fleet Tactician icon.png Tactical: Tactical Vigilance icon.png
Engineering: Fleet Technician icon.png Engineering: Orbital Devastation icon.png
Science: Fleet Physicist icon.png Science: Subspace Manipulator icon.png
Hirogen Lock Box Intimidating Strikes icon.png Hot Pursuit icon.png Hunter Instincts icon.png Pack Leader icon.png
Undine Lock Box Biotech Patch icon.png Fluidic Coccoon icon.png Psychological Warfare icon.png Adrenal Release icon.png Immunity Response icon.png Sixth Sense icon.png
Xindi-Amphibious Lock Box Intense Focus icon.png Momentum icon.png Pattern Recognition icon.png Ironsides icon.png Savior icon.png Vicious icon.png
Delta Expedition Lock Box Exotic Absorption icon.png Failsafe Scrambler icon.png Positive Feedback Loop icon.png Berserker icon.png Imminent Danger icon.png Overcharging icon.png
Vaadwaur Lock Box Anchored icon.png Lead Foot icon.png Bombardier icon.png Sniper icon.png
Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box Ablative Shell icon.png Eyes of the Swarm icon.png Hive Mind icon.png Molt icon.png
Year of Hell Lock Box Coalition Starship Tactics icon.png Blaze of Glory icon.png Coalition Squad Tactics icon.png Taking You With Me icon.png
Herald Lock Box Photonic Field Protocol icon.png Self-Modulating Fire icon.png Photonic Armor Protocol icon.png Self-Modulating Shots icon.png
Mirror Incursion Lock Box Invasive Control Programming icon.png Secret Command Codes icon.png Agony Modulator icon.png Blissful Agony icon.png
Na'kuhl Lock Box Automated Rerouting icon.png Volatile Plating icon.png Active Rerouting icon.png Volatile Defenses icon.png
Kelvin Timeline Lock Box Expedient Repairs icon.png Neutral Zone icon.png Brawler icon.png Expedient Care icon.png
Sphere Builder Lock Box Tactical: A Good Day to Die icon.png Coordinated Targeting Solution icon.png Tactical: Combined Assault icon.png Security Detail icon.png
Engineering: EPS Overload icon.png Nadion Bypass icon.png Engineering: Assault Drone Fabrication icon.png Distributed Shield Rerouting icon.png
Science: Photonic Reinforcement icon.png Subnucleonic Transferal icon.png Science: Nanoprobe Contagion icon.png Tricorder Analysis icon.png
Privateer Lock Box Cyclical Power Capacitors icon.png Fulcrum Shift icon.png Smuggler's Luck icon.png Privateer's Luck icon.png Rogue's Charm icon.png Spring in Your Step icon.png
Son'a Lock Box Reconstructive Radiation icon.png Repair Crews icon.png Introspection icon.png Invigorating Radiation icon.png
Tzenkethi Lock Box Galvanized Munitions icon.png Menacing icon.png Oblique Shielding icon.png Indirect Shielding icon.png Permeating Radiation icon.png Tumultuous icon.png
Discovery Lock Box Context is for Kings icon.png Duelist's Fervor icon.png Brutal Impetus icon.png Universal Law is for Lackeys icon.png
Deep Space Nine Lock Box Enlightened icon.png Maquis Tactics icon.png Pseudo-Submission icon.png Maquis Guile icon.png Serenity icon.png Yielding Feint icon.png
Swarm Lock Box Hive Defenses (space) icon.png Resonating Payload Modification icon.png Hive Defenses (ground) icon.png Resonating Module Attachment icon.png

Rewarded by missions[edit | edit source]

Mission-specific traits can be added to the player's selectable Personal traits by completing specific missions.

Mission Space Ground
“Surface Tension” Living Hull icon.png Fluidic Antigens icon.png
“House Pegh” Point Blank Shot icon.png Up Close and Personal icon.png
“Midnight” Nanite Repair Matrix icon.png  
“Of Signs and Portents” Regenerative Control Synergy icon.png Restorative Control Synergy icon.png
“The Renegade's Regret” Redirected Armor Plating icon.png Watch Your Back icon.png

Through Research and Development[edit | edit source]

Main article: Research and Development

Reaching level 15 in an R&D school unlocks a specific Personal trait from that school.