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Players are able to utilize various types of personal equipment for use on away missions. The equipment chosen will have an effect on the mission as they face many foes from many different races. The correct choice of equipment could be the difference between success and failure.

The following equipment can be selected and used:

You may also find these items in space combat as loot. You may choose to either keep and equip them, trade them to other players that need them, or sell them on the exchange. Note that Bound items cannot be sold on the Exchange or traded with other players.

Body Armor[edit | edit source]

Schematic Body Armor icon.png

Body Armor offers players various forms of damage resistance, with some variants providing bonus damage strength.

See Body Armor for more information.

Personal Shields[edit | edit source]

Schematic Personal Shield icon.png

Personal Shields protect players by absorbing most of the damage from energy-based attacks and a portion of the damage from physical attacks. They rapidly regenerate once they have not sustained damage for a brief period of time.

See Personal Shield for more information.

Ground Weapons[edit | edit source]

Schematic Rifle icon.png

Ground weapons, or personal weapons, are the main offensive tools for players, and come in two different forms: melee and ranged.

See Ground weapon for more information.

Kits[edit | edit source]

Schematic Kit icon.png

Kits consist of two elements: "Kit frames", which hold up to five "Kit modules". Both are specific for the career path of the player and, in contrast to other ground items, cannot be used by your bridge officers. Uncommon and better frames also have stats; modules determine which kinds of clickable abilities the player character has in ground combat.

See Kit for more information.

Ground Devices[edit | edit source]

Small Hypo icon.png
Common icon.png

Ground Devices allow for an ability to be operated independently of player and bridge officer abilities. These can be either be consumable or permanent. There are several types of ground device.

  • Synthale icon.png
    Common icon.png
    Food and Beverages are consumable items that regenerate a portion of the player's health outside of combat, as well as Tribble breeding.
  • Small Shield Charge icon.png
    Common icon.png
    Non-Food consumables are used for several purposes, including healing during combat and bonus damage.
  • Polygeminus grex stahl icon.png
    Common icon.png
    Tribbles are small, round, furry creatures that can grant small bonuses, including healing, damage, health regeneration and damage resistance. Some special Tribbles grant special bonuses.
  • Horta icon.png
    Rare icon.png
    Pets are NPCs summoned by a player that can either be combat or non-combat.
  • Gambling Device icon.png
    Rare icon.png
    Non-consumable Devices cover a wide range of items that do not come under any of the previous categories. Some of these may be cosmetic, while others provide a bonus of some kind.

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