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Personal Mobility Shield

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Personal Mobility Shield Mk XI [Cap] [Reg]
Rare Personal Shield
Bind On Equip
Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+27 Root resistance

+27 Knockback resistance

292 Maximum Shield Capacity

Fully regenerates after not taking damage for 3 secs (2 seconds if crouching).

Regenerates 5.3 Shield Capacity every 2 seconds

Value: 10,375 Energy credit icon.png

Personal Shield icon.png
Rare icon.png

The Personal Mobility Shield is a Personal Shield reward from the duty officer assignment “Reverse Engineer Alien Personal Shield Technology”. It scales to the player's rank. Even on a critical success, only a rare (blue) version of this shield is rewarded.

This shield always comes with [Cap] and [Reg] modifiers, and its innate root and knockback resistance means it has stats identical to what would be a [Personal Shield Mk * [Cap] [Mob] [Reg]] of the same Mark level.

As of the Delta Rising Crafting Revamp, attempts to Upgrade the Personal Mobility Shield results in a loss of it's [Mob] ability. The Personal Mobility Shield will revert to a [Personal Shield Mk * [Cap] [Reg]].