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Pjem orbit 01.jpg
P'Jem from orbit

P'Jem System
Vulcan Sector
Beta Quadrant

Diplomatic Orders PJem monastery.jpg
The Monastery at P'Jem

P'Jem is a Class M planet located in the P'Jem System, and the site of a sacred Vulcan monastery.

Vulcan Monastery[edit | edit source]

The original P'Jem monastery was established at least 3,300 years ago, even predating the Time of Awakening on Vulcan.

In 2151, the Andorians became suspicious that P'Jem was home to a secret surveillance station in violation of their treaty with Vulcan. This was eventually proven correct by Andorian Commander Thy'lek Shran and Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise NX-01. In 2152, the Andorian Imperial Guard bombarded P'Jem from orbit and destroyed the monastery. The monks and personnel working there were given time to evacuate, however.

The monastery was rebuilt by a coalition of humans, Andorians and Vulcans in 2170, following the foundation of the United Federation of Planets.

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