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Outfit Box - MACO Uniform (22nd Century)

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Outfit Box - MACO Uniform (22nd Century) icon.png
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Outfit Box - MACO Uniform (22nd Century)
Epic Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
This uniform is only usable by Federation Captains and Federation Bridge Officers

**Inspect this item for a visual preview, complete item information and restrictions
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Outfit Box - MACO Uniform (22nd Century) can be acquired by Federation players from the Lobi store for 300Lobi Crystal icon.png. It contains a replica of the uniform worn by M.A.C.O. officers in the 22nd Century, as seen serving aboard the Enterprise NX-01. It is only wearable by Federation personnel.

This item binds to character on pickup, so it cannot be traded to other characters or players, and cannot be posted on the exchange. After purchase, it will be removed from the purchasing character's Lobi store.

Activating this item will open it, which will unlock the option to wear the Enterprise M.A.C.O. uniform in the tailor for the character who opens it and their bridge officers. It does not unlock the uniform for other characters on the account.

Contents[edit | edit source]

This uniform must be applied to characters by selecting Advanced in the Tailor interface and applying each piece separately.

  • Upper: Enterprise M.A.C.O.
  • Hands: Enterprise M.A.C.O.
  • Chest Gear: Enterprise M.A.C.O.
  • Belt: Enterprise M.A.C.O.
  • Lower: Tucked Low - Enterprise M.A.C.O.
  • Feet: Boot Enterprise M.A.C.O.

This uniform does not come with M.A.C.O. Rank or Badge options.
The Female Lower option is mistakenly called "Armor - Enterprise M.A.C.O."

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