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Omicron Kappa II

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BorgOmicron Kappa II

Omicron Kappa II.png
Omicron Kappa II from orbit

Hotep Sector
Beta Quadrant

Omicron Kappa II surface.png
Borg-infested Omicron Kappa II

Omicron Kappa II was the second planet of the Omicron Kappa System in the Hotep Sector.

System Description[edit | edit source]

Omicron Kappa II is the home of a Federation colony with approximately 22,000 residents.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “A Gathering Darkness”: A research team on Omicron Kappa II, led by Dr. Eric Cooper and working on a counter-measure to the Borg nanovirus, inadvertently activates a Borg homing-beacon. Although the arriving Borg assimilated the entire world using Planetary Assimilation Probes, the research team and the data on the counter-agent can be recovered by the player. The Undine subsequently attack and obliterate the planet.

Note[edit | edit source]