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Omega Particle Tech Upgrade

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Omega Particle Tech Upgrade
Account Bind On Pickup

Use this tech upgrade to perform a very significant amount of research on an item.

+25,600 Technology Points
4 x Quality Improvement Chance
No Dilithium Cost

Use On:
Any Upgradable Item

During special Upgrade Weekend events, the effectiveness of this Upgrade Tech will be increased!

Value: __ Energy credit icon.png
Omega Particle Tech Upgrade icon.png
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Omega Particle Tech Upgrade can be used in the Gear Upgrade System to perform a significant amount of research on an item. It can be applied to any class of equipment and has no Dilithium cost to apply. This tech is bound to the account and cannot be traded on the exchange, however the materials used in creating it can be freely traded.

It can be crafted using a special Omega Components in the Special Projects School.

  • Sources: R&D level 0
  • Production Requirements: 81 common omega traces which can be obtained through Omega Stabilization mini game, available during the annual Anniversary Event.
  • Single Omega Upgrade takes 20 hours to complete, before it can be available for upgrading.

List of Omega molecule locations needed to obtain the components.