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Ambassador Rerrick, a male Octanti

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Delta Quadrant
Foreign Policy:
Borg resistance
Alliance Relations:

The Octanti (known to the Borg as Species 6339) are a technologically advanced humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2371, the Borg Collective began to assimilate the Octanti. Despite their resistance, 11 billion Octanti had been assimilated before the U.S.S. Voyager made first contact with survivors in 2375. Similar to the Brunali, the Octanti used engineered viruses to fight the Borg, which they introduced into the Collective by having members of their own species willingly assimilated.

By 2410, their numbers were still dwindling but the Octanti were committed to kill all Borg, including such that were liberated and part of the Cooperative.

People[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

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Missions involved[edit | edit source]

Rerrick's brother Meshk and a member of the Borg Cooperative
  • Faction FedRomKDF.png “Alliances”: Seven of Nine and the player try to convince the Octanti to join the Delta Alliance to defend against the Vaadwaur threat. However, as the Borg Cooperative of liberated drones is part of the Alliance, the Octanti deny any support. Although a subsequent incident shows to the Octanti that former members of their own species are now part of the Cooperative, they still cannot bring themselves to cooperate, despite Ambassador Rerrick's growing sympathy for the Alliance and the Cooperative in particular.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Octanti remain committed to their quest, attacking Borg vessels wherever they find them. Their ships are equipped with advanced phaser technology which allows them to hold their ground in battles against the Collective.

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