Ocampan Freighter

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NeutralOcampan Freighter
Ocampan Freighter.png
Alsuran Sector
Delta Quadrant

The Ocampan Freighter is located in the Alsuran Sector of the Vyntadi Sector Block within the Delta Quadrant.

System Description[edit | edit source]

In search of new places to settle, many Ocampans have left their dying communities in the hope of making a better life. These Ocampan freighter groups travel throughout the Delta quadrant with the aid of friendly species. Though their journeys are dangerous, the Ocampa have also learned much about the galaxy and about themselves through their exploration.

Missions Involved[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Ocampan Freighter is not a traditional system; it travels in the vicinity of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere. To visit, approach the freighter and "Assist Ocampan Freighter."