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Romulan Star Empire Narada
Missing (2387)

The Narada was a Romulan mining vessel in service in the late 24th Century. It was commanded by Captain Nero.

In 2387, it was the first ship to discover the threat posed by the Hobus star. Working with Ambassador Spock, Nero attempted to convince the Romulan Senate to destroy the star using red matter but they were unsuccessful.

After Hobus went supernova and Romulus was destroyed, Nero blamed the Federation - Spock in particular - for not doing enough to prevent the disaster. He had the Narada retrofit with Borg technology at The Vault, and then used it to wage a campaign of destruction against the Federation. Dozens of Starfleet vessels were destroyed in NGC 1218, among others.

Spock was able to destroy the supernova with red matter, but both he and the Narada disappeared into the ensuing black hole. Their location is unknown.

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A Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser, a design similar to the Narada

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