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A Nanoenergy Cell is a consumable ground device, used with Jem'Hadar ground weapons. These special power cells use nanostream inputs to supplement the energy attacks from Jem'Hadar weaponry. Currently there are five types of Nanoenergy Cell available to players.

Acquired[edit | edit source]

While players receive one each of the Nanoenergy Cell - Anti-Coagulant, Nanoenergy Cell - Kinetic Capacitor and Nanoenergy Cell - Tachyon Rider for completing the mission “Second Wave” for the first time, subsequent Nanoenergy Cells must be acquired through Crafting or purchased from the Lobi Crystal Consortium.

Crafted Nanoenergy Cells[edit | edit source]

To craft the Nanoenergy Cells, a player must replay the “Second Wave” and select Jem'Hadar Nanoenergy Cell Recipes as a reward. This will unlock the new crafting option for level 5 Ground Weapons R&D School.

The following Nanoenergy Cells are available through Crafting:

Purchasable Nanoenergy Cells[edit | edit source]

The remaining types of Nanoenergy Cell are only available through purchase from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for a cost of 2Lobi Crystal icon.png for a single Nanoenergy Cell or 20Lobi Crystal icon.png for a pack of fifteen (15).

The following Nanoenergy Cells are available through the Lobi Crystal Consortium:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While Jem'Hadar weapons default to the Polaron damage type, Nanoenergy Cells allow them to add procs similar to other damage types with each Nanoenergy Cell representing a different damage type
    • Anti-Coagulant adds Toxic damage.
    • Kinetic Capacitor adds Kinetic damage and a knockback effect.
    • Tachyon Rider adds a chance to ignore shields.
    • Weakness Finder adds a chance to reduce a target's Damage Resistance, similar to the Disruptor damage type.
    • Neural Overload adds a chance to Stun a target and reduce their run speed, similar to the Phaser damage type.

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