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Mycelial Crisis

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The Mycelial Crisis is a Special Event tied to the release of Season Eighteen: Awakening. From September 10 to October 10, 2019, players who participate will have a chance to win a brand new Tier 6 Elachi Starship by playing through the new content.

In 2256, during the Federation-Klingon War, J'Ula of House Mo'Kai attempted to use a weapon of mass destruction based on stolen Starfleet research on properties of P.stellaviatori to destroy the Federation Starbase One. The weapon blast caused a temporal shockwave which destroyed the station, but also pulled J'Ula, and her lackeys, into the early 25th century.

Now, J'Ula is preparing to use her weapon on Andoria, but the Alliance is not the only thing J'Ula is threatening to destroy. She has been corrupting the Mycelial network to power her weapon. If her intrusion into the network isn't stopped, it could mean an end to all existence. Journey into the Mycelial network and put an end to her dangerous plan! The Elachi who inhabit the network have already been corrupted and will attempt to stop you!

Event Progress[edit | edit source]

To receive the reward, players will need to earn 1200 Appointment Progress (Appointment Progress). Players will be able to earn up to 60 Appointment Progress every 20 hours by completing the following content:

Episode “Beneath the Skin” 45 Appointment Progress
TFO “Mycelial Realm” 30 Appointment Progress
Patrols Mycelial Operations 15 Appointment Progress EACH

Any of the above content may be played as much as you like each day, so pick and choose how you prefer to gain Appointment Progress each day.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Accruing a total of 1200 Appointment Progress will allow you to claim the grand prize of the Mycelial Crisis Event. This reward includes all of the following:

After earning the grand prize, you'll be able to continue participating in the event for additional Dilithium Ore. Each day you play, you will get a higher reward, with 2,500 Refined dilithium icon.png on the first day.

Zen Buyout[edit | edit source]

For those who are unable to play regularly or want the grand prize instantly, a reward buyout option will be added to Zen Store for 6,000 Zen small icon.png. The price will scale with the event progress, and every earned progress point will add a small reduction to the base price.

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