Mutara Nebula

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NeutralMutara Nebula
Teroka Sector
Beta Quadrant

Mutare Sector Map.png

The Mutara Nebula is a nebula in the Teroka Sector of the Beta Quadrant. In the late 23rd century, Khan Noonien Singh detonated the Genesis Device here, creating the unstable and ultimately short-lived Genesis Planet.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although the Mutara Nebula is shown on the Sector Space map, no official missions take place here, and it is only used as a door for user-generated missions.
  • Originally located in the Mutara Sector of the Gamma Orionis Sector Block, the Mutara Nebula was moved to the Teroka Sector on April 21, 2015, as part of the Galaxy Map revamp in Season Ten: The Iconian War.
  • It is likely that the Mutara Nebula was the first of its kind to be discovered, as other nebulae have since been referred to as belonging to the 'Mutara class' of nebula.

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