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Morton Mel Priester

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Morton Mel Priester
Counselor — Ground
[GR] Chance to apply a Willpower buff when Science Buff or Heal is used.
  • Faction: Faction FED25.png United Federation of Planets
  • Quality: Uncommon
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Specialist
  • Department: Doff dept Starfleet Medical.png Medical
  • Specialization: Counselor
    10% chance to increase a target's Willpower by +50 for 30 seconds whenever a Science Buff or Heal is used. This will grant additional resistance to Control abilities while active.

    10% chance: Apply a Willpower buff when Science Buff or Heal is used.
  • Traits


  • This duty officer is awarded to Faction FED25.png Federation-aligned Jem'Hadar captains for completing the non-repeatable tutorial mission Faction Dominion.png “Turn the Tide”, in which case the officer is character bound and not exchangeable.
  • The officer may also be obtainable in other ways, in which the officer may be freely tradable and exchangeable.