Mission: Welcome to Earth Spacedock/Walkthrough

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Talk to Elisa Flores[edit | edit source]

Elisa Flores:

Captain Vo'Lok told us to go to Earth Spacedock, and I think he's right.

We need to get the civilians to safety, I don't think I can handle any more excitement.

Leave the system.

Cutscene: Player's character enters Admiral Quinn's Office.

Talk to Admiral Quinn[edit | edit source]

Admiral Jorel Quinn:

Greetings, Lieutenant.
  • Admiral, sir! <name>, reporting.
We have a lot to discuss, Cadet <name>.
  • It's Lieutenant, sir.

Yes, I see that here in the report transmitted by Captain Vo'Lok. He granted you a field promotion to give you seniority over the rest of the active crew of your ship.

As a cadet, you were assigned to an Academy training cruise, under Captain Masc Taggart, corret? Acting First Officer?

  • Yes sir, that is correct.

I've read the reports. Facing off against Klingon raiders and a Borg invasion force within hours of leaving Starfleet Academy. Very unusual.

In your own words, tell me what happened out there.

  • (Explain to Admiral Quinn what happened.)
That's ... quite a story.
  • Yes, sir. It's all true.

Don't worry. I have statements here from Captains Vo'Lok and Yim and Willa Post from Vega Colony collaborating your story.

All three of them cite your bravery and command skills, as well as you and your crew's willingness to put yourselves in harm's way to preserve the lives of others.

  • I'm a Starfleet officer, sir. It's in the job description.

And you're exactly the kind of officer Starfleet needs.

I know the[sic] your ship might not be the Enterprise, but I think you've proven yourself capable of sitting in her Captain's chair.

  • Sir?

Under normal circumstances, it would take you years of work to get your own command.

But these are not normal circumstances. We're at war with the Klingon Empire. The Borg have returned. I'm losing more trained officers and ships than I can spare. Ships we can build, but leaders with courage and honor ... those are harder to find.

  • Continue

It's time to try something different. I need someone who can handle themselves in a crisis and get the best out of their crew. Even though you're young, I think you're that person.

I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant and give you command of the U.S.S. <shipname>.

Don't disappoint me.

  • You won't regret this, sir. Your orders?
  • What is going to happen to Vega?
  • No, but I am sorry for the loss of Captain Taggart, sir.

What is going to happen to Vega?[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, the Renown and her task force were not able to repel the Borg. Vega is lost.

Starfleet Command will meet with Federation President Aennik Okeg, and the Federation Council to determine our next steps.

For now, Starfleet vessels will patrol the outskirts of the Vega system to ensure no Borg escape.

Do you have any further questions, Lieutenant?

  • What are your orders, sir?
  • No, but I am sorry for the loss of Captain Taggart.

I am sorry for the loss of Captain Taggart[edit | edit source]

Captain Taggart was a good man and a fine officer, Lieutenant. He knew what he was doing when he issued that order.

Don't dwell on what happened. Your actions save the lives of your crew, not to mention the civilians you were able to evacuate from Vega Colony.

Now it's up to you and your crew to honor Taggart's sacrifice as you carve your own legacy.

Do you have any further questions, Lieutenant?

  • No, sir. What are your orders?
  • What is going to happen to Vega?

What are your orders?[edit | edit source]

Mission completes. Admiral Jorel Quinn:

You will be assigned to the Klingon Front, but first, you could use some new equipment for the <shipname>.

I have some improved consoles developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. These consoles can be installed on your ship to improve its abilities.

As you improve in rank, you will earn better consoles. Other ships you will command throughout your career will have space for many more.

When you're done here, go see Dirz Raxx to customize you starship's appearance.

  • Continue
Good luck, Lieutenant.
  • Tips for New Captains
  • Having my own ship seems highly irregular, Admiral.

Mission Completion[edit | edit source]

On completion, this mission leads to the next in the chain: Stranded in Space.