Mission: Web Access/Walkthrough

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... The Tal Shiar aren't our biggest problem ...

As you've probably seen, Tholians have an interest in this planet too...

Go to the cave entrance in the small crater in the forest... Find a Tholian console...

Use these codes... They have to work...

They have to... **END MESSAGE PLAYBACK**

The player will receive an anonymous message telling them where to find a recording inside a Tholian base in the Paehhos Caves of New Romulus.

Go to New Romulus
Take Transport to Paehhos Crater
Talk to Romulan Civilian to the left of the Transporter
Go to your Episode Replay section (Cntrl J) and there is a new section for New Romulus there. You can pick up all of the missions there.
Accept “New Romulus: Overgrown Caves” which then allows access to Mission: Web Access
Go to the Paehhos Caves, located in the center of Paehhos Crater, indicated by a triangle on the New Romulus Map.
Make progress through instance until reaching the console.

Upon scanning the console...

These Tholian access codes look like they'll give us a tunnel directly into their main system logs.

Accessing now.


They work! Are you ready to view the logs?

The player reviews the recording:

Recording[edit | edit source]

The other end of the transmission.

The Tholian Captain approaches the console.

  • Captain:
Update begins. Do you wish a verbal briefing?

We get a look at the other end of the transmission: a Tholian base, populated with several Tholians. In the center of the room, another Captain responds.

  • Captain #2:
You are 2.3 minutes late with your update. Transmit your report and then proceed.
  • Captain #1:
The delay was unavoidable. I have located a source of artifacts, but there were complications. A Romulan scientist discovered my survey team.
  • Captain #2:
Has the intruder been neutralized?
  • Captain #1:
We are holding him for questioning.
  • Cptain #2:

That planet holds technology of interest to us. The Azure Nebula provides us a convenient access point to the subspace tunnels so we can send ships to your location.

Find the technology and determine its origin. We do not want a repeat of the situation on Nukara Prime.
  • Captain #1:


The Romulans and their allies may prove troublesome. They are expanding their explorations of the ancient colony world into areas of interest to us.
  • Captain #2:

They are mammals and easily distracted.

We will send a strike force to their space station. This will draw the one known as Obisek and his allies away from your survey teams.
  • Captain #1:
The Romulans are a threat to our operation. There is a possibility that they will discover or destroy the artifacts before we recover them.
  • Captain #2:
Eliminate the threat. Recover the artifacts.

The recording ends there.

Mission complete[edit | edit source]

  • Tactical officer:

Wait ... does that mean the Tholians' attack on The Vault is nothing more than a distraction?

Also, why are these artifacts so important?

Preparing to submit the recording to command, sir.
  • Submit recording

The mission will complete. You can return to this site to review the recording when replaying "Overgrown Caves".