Mission: Treasure Trading Station/Walkthrough

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Map of the Treasure Trading Station
  • The Argelius Sector is in the Regulus Sector Block.
  • Disable Smugglers: fly within 3 km of the Unregistered Freighter and scan. If they are smugglers they will turn orange and attack immediately. You do not destroy smugglers, just disable them at about 35%. If they are not smugglers they will continue on.
  • Inspect Safety Hazards: Scan various blinking objects:
    • Order appears to be: crates (smuggled trilithium), pipes (toxic substance), video tongo machine (illegal probability matrix), holosuite (draining life support system).
    • Not all blinking objects in the bar will have safety hazards. Scanning these will give no results.
    • After you find 4 out of 5 violations, you will have to fight all nearby bar patrons. Then you will be given the option to scan the bar.
    • The turbolift is located in the hallway at the back of the bar area. You must fight your way down the corridors through Klingons to get to Hangar Bay 6.