Mission: Trade Deal (Daily)/Walkthrough

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  • Report back to Brocal.
  • Talk to Ambassador Surah.
  • Talk to Ambassador Ulish.
  • Talk to Ambassador Surah again.
  • Access library computer (near transporter room):
    • Trade Conference Ambassadors
      • Ambassador Ulish
    • Additional Information on Ambassador Ulish
    • Deferi Memto Spice Trade Agreement
      • Does the Deferi Spice Agreement appear legal?
  • Talk to Vulcan Admiral T'nae. She's in the Admiral's Office, which can be access by the turbolift near the ramp by the transporter room. She can give you a no-cost option to solve the dispute.
  • Resolve the conflict.
    • Talk to Ambassador Ulish. You can use one of the following solutions:
      • Admiral T'nae has authorized me to offer you Entertainment Provisions. [this is no-cost solution]
      • What if I agreed to pay for some Entertainment Provisions? [this solution costs 10,000 Energy credit icon.png]

Note: The mission will fail if your only choice is to confront Ulish about the tariff being illegal. Exit this dialog box and go speak Admiral T'nae. if cant speak to admiral go back to library computer and redo the "access library computer" steps from the list above then you can talk to admiral T'nae.

  • Talk to Ambassador Surah:
    • The Ferengi have agreed to lift the tariff!
  • Talk to Ambassador Vimok:
    • I have good news!
  • "Trade Deal" complete. Report to Brocal.