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Mission: Trade Deal (Daily)/Walkthrough

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  • Report back to Brocal.
  • Talk to Ambassador Surah.
  • Talk to Ambassador Ulish.
  • Talk to Ambassador Surah again.
  • Access library computer (near transporter room):
    • Trade Conference Ambassadors
      • Ambassador Ulish
    • Additional Information on Ambassador Ulish
    • Deferi Memto Spice Trade Agreement
      • Does the Deferi Spice Agreement appear legal?
  • Talk to Vulcan Admiral T'nae. She's in the Admiral's Office, which can be access by the turbolift near the ramp by the transporter room. She can give you a no-cost option to solve the dispute.
  • Resolve the conflict.
    • Talk to Ambassador Ulish. You can use one of the following solutions:
      • Admiral T'nae has authorized me to offer you Entertainment Provisions. [this is no-cost solution]
      • What if I agreed to pay for some Entertainment Provisions? [this solution costs 10,000 Energy credit icon.png]

Note: The mission will fail if your only choice is to confront Ulish about the tariff being illegal. Exit this dialog box and go speak Admiral T'nae.

  • Talk to Ambassador Surah:
    • The Ferengi have agreed to lift the tariff!
  • Talk to Ambassador Vimok:
    • I have good news!
  • "Trade Deal" complete. Report to Brocal.