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Tour the Galaxy is a mission that requires the player to race around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants within the 15 minute time limit.

This guide uses a suggested route for Federation and Federation-aligned characters, which can be completed in under 15 minutes, allowing for a couple of mistakes. While there are a few ways of completing the tour, this guide will focus on one which is proven to do both Quadrants within the time limit.

IMPORTANT: Take the mission only once you are at your preferred starting point (in this case the Teneebia System in the Teneebia Sector).


START: Beta Quadrant[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the middle of the Teneebia System, accept the mission, then travel over to the Hobus Sector and fly through the Nimbus System.
  2. From the Nimbus System, head east to the Lirss System in the Lirss Sector.
  3. From the Lirss System, head east to the Alini System in the Alini Sector.
  4. From the Alini System, head south-east to the Vorn System in the Vorn Sector.
  5. From the Vorn System, head west to the Vendor System in the Vendor Sector.
  6. From the Vendor System, head south-west to the Argelius System in the Argelius Sector.
  7. From the Argelius System, head east to the Mylasa System in the Gasko Sector.
  8. From the Mylasa System, head east to the Iconia System in the Iconia Sector.
  9. From the Iconia System, head south-west to the Gamma Eridon System in the H'Atoria Sector.
  10. From the Gamma Eridon System, head west to the New Romulus System in the Azure Sector.
  11. From the New Romulus System, head west to the Virinat System in the Japori Sector.
  12. From the Virinat System, head west to the Orion System in the Orion Sector.
  13. From the Orion System, head south to the Risa System in the Risa Sector.
  14. From the Risa System, head east to the Khitomer System in the Khitomer Sector.
  15. From the Khitomer System, head east to the Pheben System in the Pheben Sector.
  16. From the Pheben System, head south to the Sanek System in the Sanek Sector.
  17. From the Sanek System, head north west to the Qo'noS System in the Qo'noS Sector.
  18. From the Qo'noS Sector, head west to the Archanis System in the Archanis Sector.
  19. From the Archanis System, head south-west to the Drozana System in the Donatu Sector.
  20. From the Drozana System, head south-west to the Traelus System in the Ba'aja Sector.
  21. Head to the nearest Sector Block border crossing into the Alpha Quadrant, for this guide it is via the crossing in the Risa Sector.

Second Leg: Alpha Quadrant[edit | edit source]

  1. Once you've loaded into the Draylon Sector, head west into the Chapel System in the Draylon Sector.
  2. From the Chapel System, head south to the Betazed System in the Betazed Sector.
  3. From the Betazed System, head west to the Corwin System in the Minos Korva Sector.
  4. From the Corwin System, head north-west to Deep Space Nine in the Bajor Sector.
  5. From Deep Space Nine, head south-west to the Algira System in the Algira Sector.
  6. From the Algira System, head north-west to the Arawath System in the Arawath Sector.
  7. From the Arawath System, head north-east to the Defera System in the Defera Sector.
  8. From the Defera System, head east to the Tzenketh System in the Tzenketh Sector.
  9. From the Tzenketh System, head east to the Mizar System in the Mizar Sector.
  10. From the Mizar System, head north-east to the Tellar System in the Tellar Sector.
  11. From the Tellar System, head west to the Ferenginar System in the Ferenginar Sector.
  12. From the Ferenginar System, head west to the Breen System in the Breen Sector.

Congratulations, you have finished the tour.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Since you can contact the mission giver remotely, it is recommended to get set on your preferred start line (in this case the Teneebia System) before accepting the mission.
  • Diplomatic Immunity and Raiding Party Buffs from other players will give you a temporary boost to your sector space speeds.
  • To reduce travel time, use [Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines], [M.A.C.O. Impulse Engines] or certain fleet engines with the sector space speed bonus, plus any Warp Core with the [SecSpd] (sector speed bonus) and [SSR] (halved QSD cooldown) modifiers.
  • Solanae Warp and Singularity Cores have a built-in ability called Subspace Fold, which jumps the ship forward roughly 6.66 Light Years when activated.
  • Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit has a transwarp drive that allows jumps to several locations in the Alpha and Beta quadrant.
  • Hard turns are best done at very low speed.
  • Try to avoid hitting stars, as it may momentarily slow you down.
  • You have to fly through the system for the mission to register the pass.
  • For a complete list of skills, ships, traits, and equipment that will effect slipstream speeds reference Ability: Quantum Slipstream Drive

Miracle Worker ships have a Cyclical Slipstream drive that mated to a Gamma warp core and engine (other options as listed above) provide the longest burn and fastest cool down as of 10/8/19 and are equal or superior to any other ships drives.