Mission: The Tribble with Klingons/Walkthrough

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Part 1: Enter the Tribble.[edit | edit source]

Once you arrive in Minas Korva, you'll see a squad of 3 Birds-of-Prey near the planet to your forward left, and a single ship to your forward right. They're close enough together that you'll end up fighting both at once in the end. I find it better to go for the solo enemy, the I.K.S. Kang. It will fall easily. After that, take out the Birds-of-Prey. NOTE: At least one of these will cloak mid-fight. Defeat the other two first, once it does.

After this, it's time to beam down to the planet.

Part 2: Whack a Tribble.[edit | edit source]

This portion is arguably the easiest, since, if you know where you're going, you can skirt several Klingon parties. You'll have to take a few out, be prepared to do so.

The preferred order is: Targ Handlers (if any) (they'll constantly spawn Targs, which can be a pain. Have all of your BoFFs target them, kill them quickly) Warriors Officers Munitions Officers (if any) Dahar Masters (Few, but one will be guarding the lab entrance)

The facility is in the north-west corner, following the road (which is patrolled by a number of Klingon parties). Find it, defeat the squad defending it, and enter.

Part 3: Tribble Savior.[edit | edit source]

You find yourself at the intersection of 3 paths. To the center is a large, tough group of Klingons. To either side is a smaller group. Take the two smaller groups out while you're in the area. Then go up the center path, defeat the Klingons and the Dahar Master guarding Dr. Jones, and speak with him.

Now you need to place Pattern Enhancers in the four corners of the facility. Two are at the ends of the halls where you found the smaller Klingon groups (the ones mentioned above, now you see why). Then go to Dr. Jones, and turn left, down that hallway. That party is smaller and more easily dispatched. Place the Enhancer, cross the room holding Jones, and engage the final party. It is the strongest of any in the area. Once it is placed, beam to your ship.

Part 4: Tribble-Topia.[edit | edit source]

Fly toward the Nav Beacon. Once you get close, 3 Birds-of Prey will spawn. You have to survive until the Defiant arrives. Instead of going all-out, I find it to be easier to just milk the Bird-of-Prey squadron, to finish the battle faster. If you don't, you'll deal with a Raptor Escort once they're gone. When the Defiant arrives, you'll have to again disable the I.K.S. Kang. Once done, talk to Kurland, and you can collect the mission rewards.